Sunday, July 23, 2017

Fear Confusing Clay County Politics

For those who missed it . . . Here's a report that's interesting if only because it reminds us that our rural and suburban neighborhood politics are just as confused and conflicted as the big city. Take a peek at Clay County embarrassing the Northland yet again:

Confusion in Clay County after 4 people appointed to 3-person board

We're working to cut through confusion after an awkward Clay County board meeting. Four people are now sworn in to serve on the three-member Board of Equalization. This public meeting is where taxpayers dispute the valuation of their property to prevent their taxes from increasing. "Um. I didn't die, and I haven't resigned."


The skeptic said...

So they literally fucked up a three car parade. Impressive!

Anonymous said...

The county is led by a moron and ruled by two evil doers.

Anonymous said...

Once again, split Clay County North-South (Clay and Truman Counties), so the majority of the population (the western half) isn't subjected to the antics of the "Liberty Mafia"!

Then we can laugh at the Circus' disgraceful shenanigans without it leaving a bad taste in our mouths!

Anonymous said...

Splitting clay county north and south will not effect the western half!! You would have to split east and west Einstein!