Sunday, July 23, 2017

End Of The World Kansas City Event Guide

Quick look at Visit KC and upcoming eclipse activities for those locals who haven't decided to spend the day hiding in a basement/cave armed to the teeth and waiting for the end of the world. Checkit:

There Goes the Sun: Total Solar Eclipse Events in Kansas City

Image via Kansas City welcomes an event of astronomical proportions this August. Visitors from all over the world will gather throughout the metro to view a total solar eclipse, the first of its kind to be visible in the continental United States since 1979. The cosmological event will occur shortly after 1 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Don't come to KC, we won't have power, and you're likely to get shot.

Joseph Turner said...

Go to Columbia, and see where geniuses like me graduated.

Anonymous said...

So we can moon the mayor,s motorcade from a bridge at high noon and not scorch our nad hair? Hell Yeah!