Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Did Kansas GOP Dude Just Kill TrumpCare???

Just as we predicted . . . Establishment Republicans aren't really concerned with the whims or agenda of Prez Trump as another Obamacare stays intact for now. Checkit:

With Kansas Senator's Opposition, GOP Healthcare Bill Stopped

U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran remains a "no" vote on the Republican's Affordable Care Act replacement bill. In late June, the Republican senator from Kansas, to the surprise of many, announced his opposition to an initial draft of the bill.


Anonymous said...

Jerry Moran is a timid vote counter.
Two Republican Senators had already announced they would vote NO and just one more would stop the process.
Now TWO more have made that announcement.
Was Moran number three or four? We'll never know.
But number three had some guts and number four just tagged along.
In the future, expecting Moran to always play it safe would be the better bet.

Anonymous said...

Typical Kansan Repubtard. Leads from the rear. Jerry never had an original thought in his tiny skull. The next time Jerry proposes some new legislation it will be the first time.

Tracy Thomas said...

9:22 and 6:36 are both absolutely right.

Moran is a finger in the wind.
Generally the very last to vote.
Not a leader.
He has never proposed a solution for anything.

We know what he is against.
But what is he FOR?

Anonymous said...

Jerry boy needs to get in step and get a clue what teamwork is or he is going to watch his party hand his seat to some other moron. The whole reason Republicans don't repeal is because they don't believe they could ever pass good health care legislation. With Obamacare dying they are going to again do political suicide through laziness and apathy. This is not an issue politicians want to be on the wrong side of come midterms.