Monday, July 10, 2017

Crowdfunding Site Rejects Lawsuit Support Against Black Lives Matter

Politics works its way into the latest online fad in the aftermath of a massacre and legal action from a Kansas City cop killer. Checkit:

Fundraising site will not support lawsuits against Black Lives Matter

A personal injury lawyer trying to raise money for her lawsuits against Black Lives Matter and its leaders on behalf of Baton Rouge police officers was rejected by a crowdfunding website on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Fake photo,more communist (((Bullshit))) from (((PBS))).

Dead Cops all ovver the country said...

Fuck Black Lies Matter scum.

"What do we want?
Dead Blacks!
When do we want it?

Anonymous said...

Big time propaganda photo.

I've had enough too!

I can't even stand to look at these people anymore, even the sound of their voice makes my stomach turn.

Anonymous said...

Will they support raising money for drone attacks against the racists at BLM? Something needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Black Lives Matter leaders!

Pay attention!

Fucking PLANNED PARENTHOOD eliminates more Black Lives every MONTH than the damn KKK has in its entire existence.

Blacks are eliminating over a third of their own before they even get a chance!

They are fools!

Anonymous said...

Ok,= guess life less ain't precious unless there's children for the police to lock up and brutalize. Sucks to be a fascist doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

She must have been real scary.