Monday, July 10, 2017

Conservative Jack Cashill Remains On Blogging Warpath Against Kansas City Star

Picking out hypocrisy or starting a fight with Dead-Tree Media is important for blogs but we notice that nearly half of Mr. Cashill's posts are dedicated to the daily newspaper and that's mostly likely an overestimation of their importance in the daily routine of locals . . .

Like it or not, The Star no longer leads the KCMO news cycle OR opinion and their influence has faded along with their readership.

Example: Check a convenience store this afternoon and look at all of those leftover Sunday papers.

Sure, it's fun to kick these folks while their down but beating a dead horse isn't really that productive. Constant criticism actually lends the newspaper a bit more credibility than it deserves. Here @ TKC . . . Among HUNDREDS of news items, jokes and tidbits we offer . . . Dead-Tree Media mostly merits passing mention equivalent with their fading influence.

Star Protests Extension of T-Bones Tax Break While Enjoying Break of Its Own - The Sentinel

"The public subsidies have to stop," opines the Kansas City Star editorial board on the subject of a tax break extension offered by the Unified Government (UG) to the Kansas City T-Bones baseball team. "The team now has an obligation to put an appealing product on the field, giving fans a reason to plunk their money down at the ticket window."


Anonymous said...

The Sentinel's purpose is to "hold government and mainstream media accountable for providing complete, accurate and unbiased information so that citizens can make their own informed decisions on matters of public policy.". The Sentinel does this well.

Anonymous said...

Newspapers are ass wipe. Jesus, it isn't 1950.

Anonymous said...

^^^ I support both comments.

Anonymous said...

KC star mattered about 25 years ago. Now it's way too liberal and one sided , with no investigation type reporting , mostly just regurgitation of fake news from the liberals crap . Even the douchebag homosexual agenda sports section has gone to shitola .