Thursday, July 20, 2017

Conservative Fact Check: Kansas City Kobach Haters Could Be Hypocrites If They Ignore Tragic Toy Train Streetcar Ballot Discrepancies

Great write-up from local Conservative Jack Cashill as he examines the questionable toy train vote. Take a look for those who haven't already:

No Voter Fraud? Just Look at the Streetcar Election - The Sentinel

For all the alleged worry about voter suppression, the leading liberal worthies of Kansas City-the Sierra Club included-endorsed the Byzantine election process designed to get the Kansas City streetcar extended south to UMKC. Not since Georgia abandoned the poll tax has the nation seen a voting system so deliberately rigged.


Anonymous said...

Great post from Cashill.

Shows that KC Democrats aren't really sincere about their complaints and all that Russia nonsense.

Anonymous said...

The streetcar extension election is the most dishonest and convoluted scheme put together in recent memory.
Everyone should be outraged and marching around about it, but of course that would require people who are sufficiently knowledgeable about this scam and actually care more about voters being treated fairly than in "winning" for their cause.
The process requirements remind you of poll taxes and history questions of the Jim Crow days in the South.
And, of course, the whole thing is designed to avoid the fact that when the streetcar extension was voted on city-wide, it lost 60/40%.
Where's famous "voter suppression" television star Kander when voters right in his "home town" are being so obviously disenfranchised?
Where's the ACLU, League of Women Voters, or others supposedly supportive of fair play?
Just remember, when you stand on the sidelines and allow others to get screwed by their government, you're next.

Anonymous said...

Gosh am I this old? Guess so.
When KC residents were allowed to vote on "riverboat gambling" it was always voted down. Always. Happened many times.

How many casinos do we have now?

Your vote means nothing.

Anonymous said...

A fair post highlighting the hypocritical stance of urban Democrats who love to harp endlessly about Conservatives infringing upon voting rights, but when they're called to task for obvious violations deny any ill intent on their part.

Where's Jason Kander on this ToyTrain expansion vote fiasco? Answer: He's hanging out in Hollywood or NYC trying to rustle up another puff piece about his crusade for voting rights. LOSER!

Anonymous said...

When are they going to start charging to ride the Toy Train?