Friday, July 28, 2017

Coach's Owner Was Ready To Die Amid Rising South Kansas City Flood Waters

Probably the most interesting and tragic story regarding BUSTED KANSAS CITY WATER INFRASTRUCTURE BROUGHT TO YOU MOSTLY BY BURNS & MAC. Take a look at the testimony in the aftermath of a local rescue:

KC restaurant owners sent loved ones texts goodbye before they could be rescued from flooded building

The pair could hear the walls breaking in the building as water continued to rush in.


Anonymous said...

Yeah the 7" of rain had nothing to do with it. Right. Got it.

Anonymous said...

I like how the fact that $80 million in flood control along Turkey Creek to keep a bunch of taco joints dry along Southwest Blvd. just goes totally unnoticed by you.

Anonymous said...

You can't infrastructure every damn flood plain in the city.

Anonymous said...

6:34 AM

I remember when all this money went to that Turkey creek project to keep it from flooding now look what happened.

I'm sorry but those business owners along there took the risk being in an obvious flood zone. I'm thankful to the Lord those two people are alive and safe, don't get me wrong.

The city should just tear down all those stores on that strip and not let anyone build there no more. The End.

Anonymous said...

Damn what a bitch! Now the city only has 999,999,999 places left to get a drink. Woe is me!

Anonymous said...

It was more than that, 906. It had longevity, which is more than you can say about 999,999,000 similar places in the city, plus owners who care, beginning with the late Mr. Darby.