Saturday, July 22, 2017

Clueless Urban Planning Bloggers Celebrate Kansas City Sidewalk Cash Subterfuge

In an alternate universe where politicos keep their promises and the City Hall General Fund isn't eaten up by development schemes and lawsuits . . . Kansas City spending real money on sidewalks is a nice idea that's never gonna happen to the extent in which it has been sold to equally gullible voters amid an election that was most likely rigged.

In the meantime, here's a happy thought:

Kansas City Takes Its Sidewalk Network More Seriously Than Denver

One of the remaining points of contention in Denver's transportation bond coming up in November is the amount of funding for sidewalks. Mayor Michael Hancock has recommended $30 million for the citywide sidewalk network. If we really wanted to make progress on the city's patchwork pedestrian infrastructure, we'd be aiming a lot higher.

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Anonymous said...

Oh hell yes! Build more sidewalks so the tax paying property owners can spend the next hundred years paying out of pocket to maintain them. Perfect example of how libtard bureaucrats love to dream up these brilliant ideas that put someone else on the hook for the tab.