Sunday, July 16, 2017

Check The Kansas City Northeast Newscast

For early morning Sunday denizens of our local discourse . . . Here's a great look at locals making Kansas City's urban core just a bit better.


Northeast News: Mattie Rhodes Center President/CEO John Fierro (left) and Northeast Alliance Together Director Mary Cyr are the guests on this week’s episode of the Northeast Newscast.

Preview . . .

On the podcast, managing editor Paul Thompson sits down with John Fierro, Mattie Rhodes Center President/CEO, and Mary Cyr, Director of Northeast Alliance Together (NEAT). The two discuss the Mattie Rhodes Center’s role in the creation of NEAT, how the two organizations work together, where the future of NEAT is headed, what Mattie Rhodes Center programs they are most excited about, and the latest news regarding the center’s Thursday night clinic.

Also, check it out on iTunes.

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