Monday, July 10, 2017

Celebrate 'Tropic Of Kansas' Satire

Just a bit of literary goodness for the Summer and a realization that art is much more interesting than the fiction that most of us call news. Take a look:

'Tropic Of Kansas' Rips Dystopia From The Headlines

In the vast galaxy of science fiction, it is always three minutes 'til doomsday. There is always some monster, some alien warlord, some catastrophe so imminent that no one has time to pee. Lives are always on the brink. More than ray guns, more than starships, this is the defining characteristic of sci-fi literature.


Anonymous said...

Tropic of Kansas

Yet another hysterical harangue from a liberal snowflake unable to accept the will of voters.

Donald Trump is President, and Sam Brownback is Governor, because that's what the voters wanted despite Mr. Brown's whining.

What's the matter with Kansas? Apparently not much according to the top business/civic people in the Kansas City metro area, as they overwhelming choose to reside in Kansas.

According to a recent survey highlighted in another posting on this blog, Kansas cities such as Topeka and Wichita rank higher than KCMO or St. Louis when it comes to efficiency, public safety, etc. Mr. Brown's argument against Kansas rings as hollow as his intellect.

Anonymous said...

Yea, what about the position of Kansas City. The result is not what the DemoRats want but it seems that something works in Kansas and Nebraska. Or is it a statement on the CORRUPTION in DemoRat political circles. The ends justify the means of Hillary and Bill. Take what you want and alibi the detractors.