Saturday, July 01, 2017


The difference betwixt our TKC blog community conversation and social media chum is that KICK-ASS TKC READERS have insider knowledge and informed opinion whilst nobody cares what your drunk uncle thinks about Prez Trump.

Accordingly, we've collected some feedback from THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST among TKC READERS and connected it with links for further research.


- I see this happening in KC in the near future, get a load of this about Germanys NEW unfinished airport - Failure-port: In Berlin’s unfinished air hub, only half the doors work & sprinklers still a problem

- RAISE even more TAXES to take away what those who advocated for that 15.00 Hr. Wage . . . Essentially putting them right back where they started: Task force looks at raising Missouri's gas tax

- Look at the problems Cincinnati has had with their streetcars, made by the same company that manufactures Kansas City's. And it talks about how the taxpayers are stuck with higher taxes in TIF areas, like Kansas City: Cincinnati Streetcars’ “Catastrophic Failures”

- TKC, we can afford a streetcar but not to properly protect our police and the citizens they arrest or shoot? KCPD Cannot Afford Body Cameras for Officers

- Currently, the KC Streetcar system is comprised of four streetcar vehicles and now they are adding two more. Six trolleys to provide service on a two mile system??? This is way beyond unbelievable.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Nobody is stupid enough to not know blacks are the main source of violence in this area.

So obviously there's some other factor at work. He is probably as mentally defective as all blacks are.

Anonymous said...


Knuckle dragger city

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't matter if you had 100 recalls. The fat assed peckerwoods would sit on their butts and not vote.

Anonymous said...

NEED to have a 10-15 Year CAP on all Utility Bills !

Cap on all local TAXES until further notice

CAP on all vehicle registration & license fees

Way past time to hold those in public office accountable and MAKE THEM Manage their BUDGETS like we all have to do or else !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Our streetcars are like Jaguars. Jags aren't ridiculously expensive per car. It's just that if you want one, you need to buy two. Because one will always be in the shop getting repaired.