Thursday, July 06, 2017

Celebrate Kansas City Summer Club Life Clips

For the night owls working the late shift, here's a quick look at Kansas City Summer fun and local hangouts for our working-class dreamers.

Take a peek:

Mosaic is still the top party place for Kansas City's young and beautiful power players and this masterful short movie documents the debauchery for denizens who might be curious.

Now, take a look at new 360 tech and classic Kansas City jazz at one of the best, underrated and off the beaten path hangouts that this town has to offer.

Finally, here's a glimpse inside Kansas City's watering hole where top ranking lawyer sharks swim in expensive liquor and play it cooler than ice cubes.

As always, there's a lot to consider tonight as the ruling class and their spawn enjoy the good life and contemplate their next move and most of Kansas City sleeps and prepares to repeat the same cycle all over again.

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...


Rather than as it's name implies, I saw an almost exclusively male clientele dancing or should I say engaging in public masturbation?


Not trying to be overly critical as I'm admittedly unfamiliar with the place, and hey, gays should have their dance clubs, I just appreciate proper labeling.

Wouldn't be caught here either, unless it was business-related and unavoidable. Rather apropos that the video was virtual reality, as this type of environment appeals to those chasing after McMansions and putting up appearances for social status.

The best social settings are when a small group gets together at someone's house, enjoys a meal and drinks, can actually hear each other in conversation, and share their opinions without being disturbed by SJW's sitting at the next table over.

Anonymous said...

^^^ More like dis.

All of these places are for people with NO personality. Don't go. If you have to, drink alone. OR find a REAL KC dive bar.

Anonymous said...

Me an MY BOYZ BITCHES punks just wanna be much more jazzed CAUSE we be getting a Nike outlet in the metrosexual DOUCHEBAG Plaza !!!! New place to get more attention graft and corruption and free stuff , and to Rob kill rape carjacking shoot stab mug and beat down the white people who have my MONIES ¡!

Anonymous said...

Nike outlet in the Plaza ? We be there protesting the elves labor that makes them kicks , and be buying them discount crap A.S.A.P An SELLING those in my hood Boyz gunna make some serious green , BITCHES !!