Monday, July 10, 2017


Quick look at Westside drama today involving what seems to be local commerce and storage malfunction.


KSHB: 18 people were rescued from an elevator shaft Monday afternoon at 31st and Mercier in Kansas City, Mo.


"The elevator is part of Dean's Downtown Underground, which offers commercial space in a former mine below Kansas City. One of the people stuck in the elevator said there were two groups of international students going down into the caves to rock climb."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

World Class

Anonymous said...

Hey Mildred git some more donuts while we watch this.

JoCoPost said...

These are old, small elevators.
I used them when I had an art business in those caves.

Do you think 18 people didn't have the patience to take turns and did not observe the WEIGHT LIMITS--AND they overloaded the two elevators?

dUH. I know they were international, and probably the signs which they did not bother to READ in their excitement might only have listed POUNDS NOT KILOS.

Anonymous said...

This is staged to draw peoples attention away from this taxpayer subsidized boondoggle.

Lawsuit, other delays interrupt ‘greener-than-green’ River Market apartment construction

Second and Delaware apartment project in the River Market is behind schedule. Its general contractor has stopped work and is suing the developer. July 10, 2017

JoCoPost said...

Ok, some Tony expert look up which law that is--
not Murphy's, but akin to it,
which says, generally the most OBVIOUS explanation is what happened.

Thank you for your effort...

And for the record, the cave's walls are not like giant rock outcroppings, nor are they very tall,
and they are limestone, which really breaks off easily.

Did they have permission from the owners, Dean Machinery?
Ha--knowing them, I seriously doubt it.
They are not Richard Branson types! Welcoming explorers.

This is kinda "kid stupid"--like the sad, sad case of the young man who stole a poster off a wall in North Korea and paid with his life.

These kids needed to pay $20 to go climb a wall at a sports venue.
What's next? Trump Tower II?

JoCoPost said...

Indeed, there is a business that has the fancy steps, in the caves.

But the elevators, run by the landlord, were clearly marked maximum six persons.
There were two elevators, and nine crammed into each elevator, and the automatic overload switch turned it off, so it didn't crash ten floors down.

So who will pay KCFD for this rescue of clueless foreign students from Colombia?

Taxpayers, of course.

chuck said...

Good imformation Tracy.

By the way, Occam's Razor

Anonymous said...

Tracy are you wearing silky panties and brassiere today?

Anonymous said...

Sure hope there weren't any blacks in that stuck elevator. They'll stink up one even if the fan is on full blast.

Right Tracy?

Anonymous said...


Jesus you people are dumb.

Anonymous said...

5:46---Ease up on the fair Miss Tracy. Although that makes a most pleasant mental image please keep it to yourself.

Anonymous said...


(UPI)--International students got shafted by Kansas City, Missouri today when they pointed out that the downtown streetcar is little more than a gimmick.