Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Brutal Kansas City Hit & Run Amid Robbery Leaves Lady Good Samaritan Near Death

This woman was badly hurt amid a robbery attempt when she was hit by two African-American suspects women driving a gold Chrysler 300 according to police reports. Checkit:

Grandview woman fighting for her life after being run over during robbery

GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- A Grandview woman is fighting for her life after trying to stop a robbery. Police say someone tried to steal from a Metro PCS Store at 99th & Holmes last night around 8 p.m., and an employee went after them. "It was terrible.


Anonymous said...

Well, just know the suspects are her Black brethren. You can always depend on it. It's a black on black crime and of course... nobody saw a thing.

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Anonymous said...

The once peaceful honkey neighborhood has now become a AA shooting gallery The trail is a murder alley, Holmes Rd the new Prospect, Gomers shops a killing zone Mount up and draw down on the A A's