Friday, July 28, 2017

Biz Journal Seyz Councilman Quinton Lucas Leads Kansas City 'Next Gen' Leaders

This week's KC Biz Journal cover story focuses on the future of local leadership and the 3rd District At-Large leader earns top ranking. Take a look:

2017 NextGen Leaders: Quinton Lucas - Kansas City Business Journal

The goal of the NextGen Leaders program is to identify those in the Kansas City business and civic community who are beginning to exert their influence through leadership at their companies, on nonprofit boards or through other community involvement.


Anonymous said...

I hope this guy runs for mayor. The rest of these candidates are just a clown car of failure.

Anonymous said...

So apparently "Next Gen" won't produce any better government for KCMO residents than the "leaders" of decades past.
Really too bad and not at all helpful for the helath of the rest of the region.
All the insiders and usual suspects hopes he runs for mayor too.
Probably not a good sign.

Anonymous said...

7:01 spot on