Monday, July 17, 2017

Big Money Kansas City Country Club Plaza Crime Remains Unsolved Like Most Attacks

A bit of dead-tree media history that doesn't have a clue in much the same way they never found that nude guy running around the parking lots. Take a peek:

Still no clues to hole-in-the-wall gang that robbed Plaza jewelry shop

Simon Zouein, owner of Vinca Jewelry on the Country Club Plaza, didn't believe on Labor Day 2010 the official head-scratching over the break-in of his shop, and he still doesn't believe it. Nobody saw thieves hammering into the alley wall?


Anonymous said...

Come on, inside job. Who knew about the safe and walls behind it and the proper equip. to break in?

Insurance scam big time.

Anonymous said...

Get a clue people. In Kansas City crime gets solved at the end of the barrel of a 9mm. Get a fucking gun for crying out loud!

Anonymous said...

Whats this remind me of ??????

Go watch the MOVIE CASINO where the OUTFIT would punch holes in the Wall to rob stores, banks and hotel rooms,,,

Based on a TRUE STORY,,, of the Chicago outfit ran by Chicago Mobster Anthony Tony Spilotro

CASINO Rent it on line or YOU TUBE it !!!