Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Big Money Flowing Toward Ritzy Kansas City Ward Parkway Neighborhood Fountain

Once again . . . Politics, cash and connections determine civic repairs for Kansas City. Today's report:

Kansas City Sea Horse Fountain undergoes expensive repairs

The City of Fountains needs some work, and it will not be cheap. One such Kansas City fountain is at Meyer Circle and Ward Parkway. The Kansas City Parks and Recreation has asked for $300,000 to finish repairs to the Sea Horse Fountain. The cost is so high due to unnecessary damage the fountain has incurred.


Anonymous said...

J E Dunn is the contractor, no wonder they are over budget.

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud when the reporter talked about how everyone enjoys this fountain so much. Whaaaat? How can you enjoy a fountain as you whiz around it at 40 mph while trying to avoid being hit by other cars? Move the whole thing to Johnson County where it belongs and straighten out that mess called Meyer Circle.

Anonymous said...

Nha. It's fine where it is. Those of us who live here love it. It isn't for you or people lie you. Now get out of our neighborhood and don't come back!

Anonymous said...

No longer the City of Fountains, now the City wastes money on the trolley.