Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Jeff City killed the minimum wage increase in STL . . . In August, Kansas City votes on another measure that CANNOT be put into action given recent developments in the Legislature.

Here's a look at the fallout from the predictable decision . . .

STL Public Radio: St. Louis, Kansas City take stock of minimum wage hikes being undone by GOP lawmakers


"While some want to see a lawsuit to save St. Louis and Kansas City’s ordinances, the best hope may be pursuing a statewide ballot initiative boosting the minimum wage everywhere. Missouri Jobs with Justice already is gathering signatures to get it on the November ballot."

The question:


Things to consider:

- There are a lot of broke-ass people working crappy minimum wage jobs in rural Missouri. They need a raise and they might cross partisan, demographic and cultural lines to get one.

- Threats about small biz shutting down are empty. If a Missouri biz can't afford to pay 10 bucks an hour, that biz can't afford to hire workers in the first place.

- This issue is gaining, not losing momentum. Robots can't make cheeseburgers just yet. Robots are a lot more expensive to buy and maintain than a measly 10 bucks an hour. There's still a great deal of crappy work out there that needs to be done by humans. Those humans need to be paid fairly for their labor and a crackdown down on people WORKING to make a few bucks is a bad look for any politico despite Internets hateration.

Fun fact, at the very least even Prez Trump has mentioned raising the minimum wage in passing.

But, as always, we look to our blog community for unfiltered and sometimes intelligent perspectives on the debate that's heating up.

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Anonymous said...

If the working class don't stick together on this then they don't deserve a raise.

Anonymous said...

Hey losers guess what if you want to have higher paying jobs then look beyond flipping hamburgers or tearing a ticket at the movie theater.

Work at a place where you need a few skills this is possible even with just a h.s diploma you have to apply yourself and use self motivation, you know like getting out of your mom's basement and hide your crappy tattoo's at interviews.

No one is impressed by them and by the way don't turn on your precious cell phone on an interview either. I know you cuddle up to it at night because that's the only thing that will.

Get a life and get a real job losers.

Anonymous said...

Robots don't steal from their employer. Robots don't call in sick. Robots are never late.Robots don't sue their employer for discrimination. Robots aren't rude or snarky.Robots don't spit in the customer's food.Good luck folks.

Just the Facts Please said...

^^^^^^^^^ Plus robots don't need workmans comp either.

Cyberdyne Systems said...

How loyal are customers to robots?

Not at all.

Sorry, that is a fact that only the greediest employer doesn't know.

Anonymous said...

Most blacks don't want a raise because it affects the amount of gibme money they get from the guvment

Anonymous said...

Automation is not just about base wages, and will continue whether the min wage is $8/hr or $15/hr. You dont pay FICA for robots, no workers comp, no health insurance, they dont get overtime pay and can work ALL shifts each day, they dont get sick or sue, or leave for better jobs... and as much as customers talk up the "personal touch", when they vote with their wallets they choose price over personal touch.

Arguing that continued automation is a function of higher minimum wage is as intellectually dishonest as arguing that flipping burgers at McD was ever suppossed to be able to support a family.

JoCoPost said...

$10 an hour is not $15. So it's over-reach to lobby for $15, when most entry level workers are not even producing enough BENEFIT to the organization to merit or justify $10 an hour.

As stated above, get more skilled. And learn to lead, and think on your feet, not having to be TOLD to look around and see what needs doing. Our schools have failed us miserably, teaching color within the lines rather than problem solving and entrepreneurship.

The FREE MARKET RULES! There is nothing preventing any business or organization today from paying MORE than $7.75 to individuals who are WORTH IT. It happens every day. When one cannot find workers at $7.75, a business pays MORE. Than. The. MINIMUM.

Tony calls discussions of automation an idle threat. Nope. It's an observation.

Anonymous said...

I love how these low feeder shit heels want to comment about how much a business can afford to spend on wages as if it is actually their money to be spending. God Damn it! If you don't like the wages get you ass out the door and go find better with your skills. Otherwise shit the fuck up, continue down the same path and complain that life is shit. I have never seen so many worthless fucks singing "woe is me" and preparing for doom because they are to fucking unmotivated to change their course. Fuck 'em. Lets starve their worthless asses out and start paying attention to the folks who know how to survive.

Anonymous said...

Turns out the rich aren't the job creators they claim to be. The only way to make it fair for half the population struggling is a capital gains tax at 80 percent and cut inheritance completely. Business is good at stealing, they'll get by.

Anonymous said...

Free Shit Army on the march!

Anonymous said...

The problem is an oversupply of unskilled workers. Immigration is to blame for some of the oversupply but mostly its the fat, lazy, unmotivated who didn't get an education, can't pass a drug screen and had no one in their youth to point them in the right direction. So now they breed another generation that will be just like them. So while the productive class produces one or two children the underclass will breed an entire litter of future losers.

Anonymous said...

Why do you find it necessary to swear? Is it because you lack the intelligence to express your thoughts in a civil manner? Is it because you think you're tough?

Anonymous said...

Former burger flippers and lawn cutters and such, have exchanged a few of their young years to Uncle Sam for a start at college and/or skilled trades. A proven record of great work ethic and decent appearance rewards mightily to get a foot in the right doors. MILITARY experienced, or not, an excellent work history with accomplishing steps to advanced knowledge is the WINNER strategy. Stomping and shouting for compensation not commensurate with the current market factors is FUBAR FAIL!!!

Going from under $8 per hr. to about $10 may be reasonable for SOME positions at SOME firms. Sudden raises to $15 in minimal skills isn't going to happen.