Saturday, June 03, 2017

Will More Taxes Stop Kansas City Gunfire?!?

Pitch considers yet another eco-devo scheme and/or the ongoing efforts of local biz to find a way to accomplish what City Hall cannot. Take a look:

Will a new CID help prevent incidents like Thursday's Westport Road shooting?

Early Thursday morning, a couple was robbed at gunpoint after leaving Dave's Stagecoach Inn around 2 a.m. Three men came up behind them near the corner of Westport Road and Wyandotte Streets, according to the police report, and demanded their money. Then one of the robbers shot the woman, and the three men fled north up Wyandotte.


Anonymous said...

If subsidizing "developers" to build things, spending millions on make-believe nonprofits that accomplish nothing, bringing in programs from out-of-town professors, having pointless task forces, and having endless town hall, summit ,and community meetings where the same tired old speeches are repeated over and over again actually had any impact on crime, violence, and murders in KCMO, the city would be nirvana.
There are losers loose in the city who have no respect for themselves, anyone else, or even human life.
Get them off the streets.

Anonymous said...

More and new taxes! The solution to every problem!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"The Ferguson Effect" hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

More private militia!

chuck said...

There is no, zero, nada solutions to the outrageous and pervasive African American criminality that infects this country at it's very core. The destruction wrought by this criminality, excused by the Main Stream Media and Democrats because of the need for the Black Block Vote during elections, is astonishing in it's scope.

Whole cities and neighborhoods are destroyed while law abiding citizens are expected to pretend that "Diversity" is a strength. The Orwellian nature of the "Narrative" forced down our throats and up our collective asses by the Entertainment Industry, politicians, the 4th Estate and in the halls of Academe is right out of "1984".

Look at the line up of shows on HBO, SHOWTIME, Netflix et al. The brainwashing and agitprop is relentless. This contrast, to what everyone on the planet, with over room temp IQ knows is the truth. The truth, is that the black sub culture, the Hip-Hop-Holocaust that kills our friends, my friends, robs, murders, assaults and rapes us, is the categorical, most pernicious force in our nation today.

19 Trillion dollars down the drain since 1964 in Legislation costs, Affirmative Action, quotas, set asides the list is endless, has done NOTHING and in fact, encourages entitled, violent thugs to wage an even more virulent war on their benefactors. Screams for "reparations" and accusations of "Industrial Racism", "White Privilege" and the incessant lies from Progressive-Democrat "Thought Leaders" are the norm.

Nothing is enough. There is no sunset on the money we all will have to pay through the coming decades and maybe centuries. Our Grandchildren will wake up to the same accusations and calumny with expectations that we must all pay more and feel ever more guilty.

It's bullshit.

The black subculture is a curse and even liberals know it, they just don't care, because blacks vote Democrat.

Anonymous said...

as I've stated before,

The Democratic Socialist / Communist Liberals agenda is to Usher in and Import all this Violence into communities in those Democrat controlled cities for the sole purpose of introducing & RAISING YOUR TAXES to steal more MONEY out of your pockets, and their hoping you are too damn dumb & stupid to realize it !!!

Part of that supposed redistribution of WEALTH they like to call it, that's the Socialist / Communist Democratic Liberal Agenda, ushering in NEW TAXES to solve problems that the Liberals created and injected into your community !!!!

Remember , your supposed to be too damn stupid & Dumb to realize it tho, what their doing !!!

and of course, as usual, the Liberals will DENY all of this and attempt to say, that isn't the case.

But an investigation into cities like CHICAGO, Kansas City, MO, and Philly, and Detroit, which are run by Degenerate pathetic liberals clearly show their SOFT on Crime, do very little about anything or actually solving any problems, even after they RAISE TAXES !!!

Anonymous said...

Go armed and be ready to shoot. This could have been prevented by shooting and killing the three robbers. Three dead black criminals would be a great thing.

Anonymous said...

7:25 you are absolutely correct.

Anonymous said...

Be armed at all times when you go anywhere down town. Never no when a coon will try and rob you. Shot first and screw answering any questions. Better be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Screw them coons.

Anonymous said...

LOL, had to laugh when I say that Super Dave posted on FB that the Pitch was idiots for even asking this stupid question.

Retro ROCKER said...

The problem is they let them out of prison I'm sure they have been in jail before lifetime criminals,Lock,them up and throw away the key If they were in prison they won't be shooting any one.