Thursday, June 15, 2017


The aftermath of a "Bernie Bro" targeting members of Congress continues and here's the top two politicos in the metro speaking out together.

Take a look:

CNN: Kevin Yoder and Emanuel Cleaver: We will remain unified in Thursday's baseball game and in Friday's debates

The blame for this violence and bloodshed lies solely with the attacker. No political rhetoric in America, no matter how heated, advocates or condones violence.

But if our political arguments are based on the premise that one side is right and the other is evil, it makes it much easier for twisted minds to justify violence.

And we cannot deny that coming together to find compromise solutions to our nation’s biggest problems is much harder if we take this approach.

How can you compromise with evil?

We’ve always believed that civility is a vital element of our democracy, but in today’s heated climate, we need it more than ever. It is this belief that has motivated us as chairmen of the Congressional Civility Caucus.

You may not find two members of Congress who disagree more on issues. We represent neighboring districts in Kansas and Missouri as Republicans and Democrats, but if you ask our constituents at home about the nature of our relationship, you’ll hear that we are great friends.

We often spend our periods of district work doing joint events, promoting the idea of civility and bipartisanship.

For us, it’s the norm. For too many, it’s shocking.

In light of Wednesday’s attack, now is the time to prioritize civility and tone down our rhetoric. If people are resorting to violence, we’ve clearly gone too far.

America is at its greatest when Republicans and Democrats are working together to move our nation forward, because at the end of the day we all pledge allegiance to the same flag and sing the same national anthem before every baseball game . . .

Read more at CNN.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Unity is great. But both congress members have increasing problems with guns in their districts.

Anonymous said...

The cleave is still an idiot

Anonymous said...

Thank God these two heavy hitters finally spoke up about this.
The whole country was hanging on tenterhooks waiting for their opinions.
Who are they, again?

Byron Funkhouser said...

Yesterday's shooting changes nothing.

If Republicans are allowed to deny that blacks, Mexicans & gays are human beings, & if the President of the United States is allowed to call Democrats "Total Losers", then I'm allowed to say that the POTUS is a traitor, & that Republicans are EVIL.

If people contend that this shooter represents the left, then I can contend that the KKK represents the right.

Der Fuhrer is still a criminal who should be impeached, & if he were a Democrat, then Paul Ryan would have already started impeachment proceedings.

The former middle class is not used to poverty like the poor are. Their sense of entitlement is offended, & as time passes, look for more of these men to "lose it".

This shooting was the logical result of the Republican Fasist Attack on the American People, & our stupid gun culture.

Anonymous said...

But will cleaver stop calling the president "tiny little man" and a host of other negative and harmful names? Doubtful

Anonymous said...

There appears to be an aluminum foil shortage in West Virginia. Previous poster makes the shooter sound like a Quaker.

Anonymous said...

Byron, your still an idiot

Anonymous said...

So a few days ago Cleaver wanted someone to take Trump on in a boxing match to teach the "...little bully" a lesson, but now he wants "unity" after some crazed Democrat supporter (redundant, I know) tries to kill the opposition? Typical.

Anonymous said...

I would think that republicans would reflect on the idea that they can no longer throw people under the bus to increase corporate profits with immunity. When you do everything within your power to increase suffering for those 'not like you' and spew hatred toward the disabled and elderly, people get desperate to survive. Desperate people get crazier than normal and this is a well armed society we live in. Actions have consequences.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, Byron is a Bernie Bro???? Her Byron, the FBI is close to your door now. Get ready.

chuck said...

"The blame for this violence and bloodshed lies solely with the attacker. No political rhetoric in America, no matter how heated, advocates or condones violence."

That is a categorical lie. J. Bremmer writes for the Huffington Post and has called many times for violence against Trump supporters. the NYT has called for violence against Trump supporters. Sheriffs and Police Departments all over the nation, as in San Jose, have stood down as Trump supporters were beaten, egged, assaulted and intimidated trying to exercise their 1st amendment rights. The litany of assaults, all seen on TV, again and again and again on Trump supporters trying to speak is out there for ANYONE but the Willfully Impercipient to see.

There is a blood trail, from that baseball field that goes directly to the doorsteps of The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Chicago Trib, ABC, NBC, CBS, and the legion of left wing, agenda driven, journalistic pretenders who, want, at ANY cost, to take back power in the Government, for Progressives.

The fuckin lie, the pretense that this will blow over and then, we will all return to those halcyon Tip O'Neil and Ron Reagan days where elected representatives worked together to push forward the best possible agenda for the American People are gone forever. The 24/7 news cycle will move inexorably into the next news cycle and when it is safe, the same snakes will slither out from behind the caskets of the newest victims and spit their fuckin poison into print, tv, movies and incite the same violence that has been the order of the day, since that piece of shit in the White House claimed that if "He had a son..."

Thought leaders of the Progressive Narrative will once again, give, in and out of government, Entertainment, Academia and the 4th estate, encouragement, incentive and most importantly, the real time, right now, de facto permission to use violence to achieve their aims. The demonization of the right, will continue. Late night talk show hosts will as always, deliver poorly written jokes and make miserable puns that favors the dehumanization of the Right, while implying a oh so, comme il faut presumption that only like minded, superior, elites can be in the "Hate Whitey, Hate Republicans" cool kid club.

The Liberal Main Stream Media drives the message and pounds that message relentlessly every second of every day and it is NOT going to change, or, relinquish power under any circumstances.

So go ahead and sing Kumbaya and pretend that everything is ok, because some dead between the fuckin ears, grifer piece of shit, like Cleaver says it is ok.

It's not.

Barry Obama said...

Make no mistake about it. All of those dead cops, assassinated over the last few years. I killed those fuckers, just as sure, as if the gun was in my hand and I pulled the trigger.


Anonymous said...



Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Byron. A sincere question
Just what crime did trump commit to be impeached for ?
Say whatever you want about different opinions but at least stop with the KKK nonsense. They died off when the democrats lost they're grip on the south

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Your right
I just got my notice in the mail revoking my permit to throw the elderly and crippled off of cliffs
Maybe I'll just open an abortion clinc

Anonymous said...

Trump encouraged his minions to beat up protestors at Trump rallies. Even offered to pick up the tab for their legal bills. So go right ahead and fuck yourself, "Chuck".

Anonymous said...

@Silvestor orgalthorp I'll answer your question. NOTHING. Trump has done nothing but have an R beside his name.

The shooter yesterday is what Byron and many Democrats Trump has described as "Total Losers".

In the last eight years the last President has:

Went on an apology tour in Europe.

Tried to cripple the economy with green projects hurting our Dynamo industry like coal, natural gas and oil.

Started race riots, Making it all but impossible to be a cop in this country.

Tried to change America's demographics by brining in millions of Muslims and illegal aliens from South America.

Pardoned a freak who gave classified documents to the press. Then gave the freak more of our tax dollars after it was set free.

Hurt our standing in the world. The rest of the country no longer respecting us. More importantly, don't fear us.

Spending billions on, "Shovel ready jobs" that never happened.

Took control of our heath care system. A system that 70 percent of Americans liked. In favor of his system that cost you more money for worst health care.

I can go on. But not once was there an attempt of his life. Yet some Bernie Bro loser lost at life. Blamed Republicans for it and got a rifle and shot at them.

If guys like Byron worked harder, valued education when they were young. Saved money he'd have a better standing at life. In stead he didn't do any of that. Now he blames Republicans for him being a loser.

Anonymous said...

@1:31 has to be the it that smacked the horse at a Trump rally.

Anonymous said...

Der Funkhouser and the Chuck Hater are like the "antifa" at UC Berkeley. They're all illiberal "Liberals", proclaiming to be "Anti-fascists" while they use fascist tactics against anyone who dare not to agree with them.

Tracy Thomas said...

Chuck nailed it. And thank you for signing your comments. Everyone should. Even with a nom de plume, so we are having a dialogue rather than a sniper session every damn day.

It's totally disingenuous for the Reverend Cleaver to pretend he's not gonna return to using bully tactics and language, and continuing to create an Us v Them Narrative. It keeps him in office. And makes him feel smug and self-righteous. There is no humility in him.

Just because someone does not agree with you does not make anyone "evil"--that whole conversation is what emboldens little people to lash out. Frankly, I don't believe in "evil" or "evil forces". That's a belief in two powers rather than one--our mutual humanity. It's archaic Christian rhetoric--blaiming some "evil/Devil" that makes one do something they really didn't want to do. Rather than just being responsible for your own actions.

So that language in their joint statement was really about Cleaver, because Kevin Yoder doesn't talk that way.

I'm grateful we have TKC as our community blog. It's where we check in especially during trying times. Here's an idea--when we disagree, like I do with Byron, isn't it a more enlightened approach to just feel sorry for him rather than the need to be an anonymous bully and hate on him without owning your words??

Byron's a sad angry man. Lashing out. I feel sorry for the folks stuck living on his block or in his house or working with him. Toxic.

Anonymous said...

"Byron's a sad angry man. Lashing out. I feel sorry for the folks stuck living on his block or in his house or working with him. Toxic."

Byron is too poor to be a home owner. And he's too lazy to be working. That's why he's mad at republicans. He blames them for him being a loser at life.

Don said...

So pink haired lady, it's Cleaver that is responsible for an "us v. them" atmosphere in the country? Sorry, but as 12:04 pointed out, outside of the metro, no one even knows who Cleaver is. Smug, self-righteous, no humility... Sounds like your describing The Donald. Project much?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ REAL TALK ^^^^^^^^^^

Anonymous said...

Unity in a totally polarized society huh?

Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

For 12:51 -Yeah, TRUTH usually doesn't involve hanging
Look man,I don't have much of a dog in this fight.just not hitting the right button. Killing innocent people is ALWAYS wrong.Unfortunately it happens every other day here in KC. Its unacceptable.
Now,without trying to make you look & sound too stupid,I wanted to let you know--your comment was retarded in more ways than one.

I've been a reader & commenter here a TKC since he started this crappy thing *lol) Guy,hitching your wagon to Chuck,really?? This old drunk blows more shit around than a QT toilet,after flushing it !! I don't know how long you've been reading him, but he's been on a steady decline for,I'd say two years now.He was alright, at one time and I actually share some of the same beliefs with him still yet.

Chuck's problem, near as I can tell,is he's stuck on a runaway Hate-Train,with no way or inclination to stop it.He is binded by hate.He actually can't get his fill of the shit ..its like crack to him,or whatever rot-gut hes fucked on,as well.He's passionate!!,no doubt BUT he's also WRONG,A LOT,anymore

I'll catch some shit over this but I'm a big boy. I can handle it,man Lolol. I'll get to why I even bothered to fuck with sound young & impressionable.Don't let Chuck's dialect dazzle you.He's a smart guy and he does stand for us honky's,when its needed BUT IT AIN'T NEEDED ALL THE TIME!
What I'm really just trying to say is,don't be a blind cuck,I mean a blind Chuck follower like about half or more of these angry old bastards are ,here.They just can't break it down like Chuck. A whole shit load of em' are just straight up stupid as a mother fucker. Lol,its so true.

Too much hatred ,brother,can fuck your world up just as bad as drinking or drugs, especially when you got it as bad as chuck...That's all.Now you can tell me to fuck myself too.HELL for all I know you could be 50 years old,but your comment didn't reflect thatml.It reflected the either a young guy or one of the many brain dead fucks who hang from his sack,when at all possible...Peace

Anonymous said...

False. It's actually the opposite. At least have the courage to own your poisonous rhetoric without pointing a finger.

Anonymous said...

yes to all of the above...but, where can a guy get a decent car wash...

Anonymous said...

Lol. I know where to not go !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:12

What does that even mean? Put down the glass dick and get straight girl.

Anonymous said...

^^^ what part you been help with ,sugar pants ?" glass dick" huh??
So you're still a dirty living,filthy fucking loser,ain't ya

Poor Fuck.hope you don't have the kids anymore. Never mind, you don't.

Anonymous said...

*need* apologies, loser

Anonymous said...

Hey funkhouser. Remember the Clinton's best friend was the grand dragon of the clan in Arkansas. The Clinton's hated blacks. Most democraps hate blacks. It's a know fact. They talk up good shit to them to get their vote. You can't deny that no many who you are.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans broke the longest filibuster in US history to pass the Civil rights bill. The Democrats were against it and were the ones filibustering the bill. Johnson signed but due to loss of the support of his party over it he did not run again for president. Look it up, the Republicans were responsible for the Civil rights bill. Oh and Lincoln was a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:03, people know Carwash Cleaver nationally from when he claimed that he was spat on at the first Tea Party rally in 2010 in Washington D.C. Despite an offer of $100K for any corroborating witnesses, no one could produce any evidence.

Anonymous said...

Well!!! Looks like we have found the solution. If you want your politicians to shut the fuck up and go to work just shoot a couple of the ass hats. That will scare the shit out of rest of them and they get busy doing something besides bitching and moaning like a bunch of two year olds. I do have to say all this sudden love is kind of gayish though.

Anonymous said...

LOL I was kind of thinking the same thing. And sons of bitches are just working right along getting along hopefully it can last I do have to cringe a little bit though myself little too much gayness for me to my man. We need a little bit of name-calling little bitter somebody starting some shit but still have them be able to get the job done and work with each other yeah this is just too much gentleness for me well let's try to hang in there partner

Anonymous said...

Cleaver is a brain dead skulls full of mush triggered bitchery liberals Boyz from the hood . Typical Democratic party ass panzies to do what he's told to do by the whacked out zombies that control his head ?¡¿?