Monday, June 12, 2017


For the early, early Monday morning. Let's take a glimpse at tax fighters offering a bit of guidance to City Council on the sordid topic on the new airport RFP.

Here's some advice and a nice update on where we stand in the single-terminal discussion:


Council Members:

Congratulations on showing some backbone (some more than others) on the Airport RFP. You’re stretching it out and that is good. You can see what happens when the process becomes more open and fair. You went from having a company willing to show you ZERO assets to a company with $100 Billion in assets wanting to look at our airport. A company with $100 Billion in assets has what it takes to get the job done through thick and thin. A company with ZERO assets shouldn’t be considered. A $2 Billion Dollar airport should require a company with at least $400MM in assets.

We would like to make two suggestions which we think will move the process to where it needs to be:

1.) Go outside to a professional company to write and evaluate the RFP. We have reviewed some City Auditor’s reports on the city’s procurement practices and they leave a lot to be desired. So lets go elsewhere. There are companies all over the world that do this very thing. They have no skin in theme and gain nothing from throwing the contract one way or another. This is not meant to be cruel but we don’t think there is anyone at City Hall capable of doing this and the outsiders you’re bringing in have their own agenda which is not good. Go outside and do it right. You can set the parameters but let the pros do the work. You should also be included in the final decision despite what one on the council has stated. This can work. You are soooo close!

2.) Open it up to all proposals. Let the pros weed out the ones with no merit. Consider a single, double, triple or quadruple terminal plan it won’t cost that much more to look all options. Don’t limit yourself to a single terminal plan, you would be cheating all of us. You might find someone has a solution you hadn’t thought of or maybe generate a hybrid solution plan using some of what we have now.

Has anyone calculated the cost of removing all the concrete and rebar if we tear down our terminals? That can’t just go anywhere, the FAA has some regulations which will need to be followed. Let’s get it all on the table and make it a fair, open, transparent RFP!

Citizens for Responsible Government


Anonymous said...

I get what they're saying. We need to make this process fair and transparent.

Unfortunately, City Hall has never been good at doing that kind of thing.

NEVER. Not since they set up shop downtown.

And before then even.

Anonymous said...

The only transparency we have had so far is to know what a lying thief Sly is and that Burns & McDouche is a slimy company consumed by greed.

Northlander said...

Yes please have others check outside of City Hall . The Union Station was a joke with a company that had only $50,000 in the bank to do a $20 million dollar project add that with the $20 million cost overrun on the new Police and again on the Northland police a $10 million dollar overrun.

Anonymous said...


KCMO Mayor Sly James and city council members and the City Manager Troy Schulte all need to be investigated by the State and Audited by the State , a through investigation !!!

Citizens of Kansas City and Missouri should demand it !!!

Bring in the Missouri Bureau of Investigations as well as the FBI !

Sly James and his Commie crew are Corrupt lying fraudulent scum !

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget about the overruns of the KCPD East Patrol station ( entertainment center with Basketball court)

It's outrageous the abuse that has gone on for years by the Democratic run and operated criminal elements of the city leaders.

Anonymous said...

hooray for common sense comment.

if the outside counsel are acting in good faith, this is likely where they'll lead the process.

all the premises of the crony rigged deal need to be re-examined.

Anonymous said...

Just don't make the same mistake as they did with the Streetcar and buy lemons that were made in Spain.

Anonymous said...

Translated = We are so close to getting our hands on more money to piss away on unneeded bullshit. That wont return a cent of revenue to the citizens. However, it will look really cool for a while and then it will fall into neglect and disrepair thanks to the derelicts we trust with all that money..

Anonymous said...

EDC id the political corruption machine entity for City Hall.... City funds are granted to EDC with deliberately vague wording....and virtually no accountability to the City but "vague reports". Meanwhile at CDC politicians friends and family are embedded into NO BID contracts and sub contracts. Pendergast's stuff was not as big as this level of Kansas City corruption.

Everyone said...

Sly ripped us off!

Anonymous said...

Use the billion dollars The Charles B. Wheeler airport and the Harlem area for a new airport connected to downtown by a new Broadway bridge. Heck, for a billion you might get another toy train too!

Anonymous said...

Nothing will be built until Sly follows the Federal Guidelines and does what is required with the SLAVE CEMETERIES that are on airport property.