Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Important info sent from our blog community offers perspective on REAL LIFE FOR WORKING PEOPLE IN KANSAS CITY.

And here's what we learn from this study of Kansas City living conditions, labor life and search for housing . . .


Here's the story as it relates to housing and the search for affordable living space.


Post-Rent Wage Growth: Kansas City did not Achieve Inclusive Growth for all Classes of Workers

Although most metros have experienced overall wage growth over the past decade, very few have achieved something called "inclusive growth" that benefits all workers. We define metros as having achieved inclusive growth if blue-collar, knowledge, and service workers all experienced increases in post-rent wages, which we calculated using BLS wage data and Census rent data.

Nationwide, post-rent wages for knowledge workers increased by 6 percent, while post-rent wages decreased for blue-collar (-5 percent) and service (-7 percent) workers. In most metros, rents increased steadily while wages stagnated, leaving blue-collar and service workers with less post-rent income in 2015 than in 2005.

The post-rent wages for knowledge workers increased in 93 percent of the metros studied, but only 7 percent of metros met the criteria for inclusive wage growth. Our analysis shows the combination of unequal wage growth and rising rents have led to an increase in inequality between blue-collar, knowledge, and service workers in most metros.

The results of this analysis can currently be viewed here.

Here are some of the highlights you might be interested in:

- In the Kansas City metro, post-rent wages for knowledge workers increased by 3.3% over the past decade. Knowledge worker employment increased by 21.9%

- Over the same period, post-rent wages for blue-collar workers decreased by 2.3% and post-rent wages for service workers decreased by 5.4%

- Although 83% of metros experienced overall post-rent wage growth, only 7% experienced post-rent wage growth for blue-collar, knowledge, and service workers

The full report can be viewed at this link.

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Anonymous said...

And yet this is a Democratic Party controlled city and there is that fair wage ordinance vote coming up but still most workers are falling behind. I guess politics as usual ins't going to cut it for most workers.

Anonymous said...

We are all created equal! That does not mean that by the time you are an adult we have all developed equal. When will folks understand that in order to achieve you have to try. Employees are getting paid according to their skills. We are not all equal, deal with it!

Anonymous said...

There were some "employee" groups that you missed:
Self-serving politicos: Way way UP!
Insider consultants on the public teat: Out of sight!
Construction firms that make big political contributions: Stratospheric!
Ineffectual and unaccountable "anti-crime" nonprofits and assorted grifters: Doing just fine, thanks for asking.
Why should the KCMO electeds be concerned about the groups you mention, when they and their friends are cashing in?
Be sure to approve the streetcar extension, Mike's hotel, new subsidies at the riverfront, and a single airport terminal.
It's really important to keep our gravy train rolling!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^You forgot the freeloaders like Byron who live for free as the rest of us work.

Anonymous said...

Blue collar and service workers is another way of saying black people, once again proving their worthlessness and lack of work ethic.

Anonymous said...

Blue collar is far from black worker, that would be your construction crews, white and mexican. Service workers are going to be South Pacific and mexican. Unfortunately for the blacks, their participation in the labor force is so low that no correlations can be drawn to jobs where you would "likely" find them. There is regional bias for sure, but around the KC metro the ethnic makeup in the jobs I described above represent the vast majority of participants in those jobs.

Anonymous said...

I'd recommend every high school kid, guys included, look into nursing as a career.
Sure, you might catch a little heat from your bros for going into a historically womens' field.
And you can laugh at them while they spend their entire careers getting laid off and fearing the same every day of their working lives.
You've got to go where the jobs are., and where they can't (yet) be automated into extinction.

Anonymous said...

I thought KILLA city had the highest paying jobs

chuck said...

This is anecdotal, but if you are willing to work your ass off and get into a trade, electrician, plumber, carpenter etc. etc. you can rake in some serious cash and live well above the median average income. I constantly run into companies and people who are looking for skilled construction type personnel. It's hard work and you have to show up on time, but seriously, it is rewarding and the pay is great. I have worked on both sides, in white collar and in blue collar jobs and while both can be rewarding, right now, the hue and cry for skilled labor is deafening.

The job market right now, again, this is just my opinion, isn't terrible. Even if you failed in school and hate class, you can still get where you want to go, if, you, again, apply yourself, show up on time, take orders and keep your mouth shut until you at least are skilled enough to move on.

It is, what it is. By the way, no fuckin one cares what color you are, they are starving for folks who will show up and work.

Anonymous said...

3:08 is correct and I would add no employer cares if your car doesn't start, you have a flat tire, your dog is sick and on and on. Some people think their employer is like their parents - willing to accept any excuse. Over and over I have seen people drive junk cars with bald tires and then expect their employer to understand them not showing up.

Anonymous said...

I love it, we manufacture robots where i work.

Anonymous said...

Are the black robots lazy, too??

Anonymous said...

No, the robots we make have to work.

Anonymous said...

Ya' mean to say that working at fast food ya' can't live in a $350,000 dollar house and drive a $40,000 dollar car and have 7 kids by 7 different fathers who are in prison ???

and can't have a big ol'$70,000 dollar boat to pull behind that expensive car too ,,,,,,

Why I thought liberals said fast food was the answer to their dreams !

Whats this world comin' too, Damn !!!