Friday, June 16, 2017


At the risk of being far too sentimental, it's not boastful to acknowledge that Kansas City hosts a world-class skyline where skyscrapers stand like mountains in a carefully crafted landscape that is nearly majestic and a point of pride for all residents.

Developer Mike Burke plans to build a big box hotel in front of it.

Judging solely from the designs we've seen presented to Council, the plans have shifted from something that was a slightly architecturally impressive to a drab and boring exterior that looks like a Trump hotel from the late 80s.


And while plans change in much the same way that the hotel has been delayed at least three times and now promises a groundbreaking sometime in the Fall . . .


Meanwhile, tax fighters are still working diligently to put this thing back on the ballot as we simply suggest that consideration of the skyline is also a big concern that has been overlooked so far.

Developing . . .


Respect Women said...

He is not respecting women, or respecting the skyline.

Anonymous said...

Compliments the streetcar perfectly.

Anonymous said...

"Iconic Kansas City skyline"?
Most residents of the metro wouldn't have the slightest idea what you're talking about.
Half-empty office buildings being converted into apartments in desperate attempts to pay the mortgages?
The "iconic" Bartle hair curlers?
The Western Auto sign?
City hall and the county court house?
There are more reasons Mike's hotel is a really terrible idea than you can count, and the worst of all is that the financing has be borne by the taxpayers, but preserving the downtown skyline is certainly not one of them.

Anonymous said...

WTF, huh?

Anonymous said...

The only thing this is preserving is sLIE James International airport and crook Mike burke filling their pockets with other people's money, namely the taxpayers who can barely afford to live in this city. It's all about the kickbacks not the skyline

Anonymous said...

That is one low budget looking hotel

Hyperblogal said...

Architecturally I would describe that as Urban Blah.

Anonymous said...

Who in the HELL is going to stay in this hotel? It's going to sit empty most of the year.

Kansas City needs to stop paying taxes for things that are not their responsibility, and this is NOT the responsibility of the tax payer!

Anonymous said...

^^^Spoken like someone who absolutely has no idea what your talking about.

Anonymous said...

with it's middle of the country location --KC should be stepping up it's game as a place for biz conventions -- more hotels -- the better

Anonymous said...

Enlighten us, then, City Hall!:)

Anonymous said...

KC is certainly in the middle of the country, so for national firms or organizations with operations and employees spread across the US, having a convention here might somewhat reduce travel costs.
But the weather in the mid-west is crappy most of the winter and hot most of the summer, so only a few months a year are very attractive What's MUCH less attractive to planners are the very high sales tax rates on hotels and rental cars, the general condition of public places and services, and the level of crime, all of which are readily available on data bases that professional planners use to make their decisions.
Most people around the country think that KC is in Kansas, which they view as flat and boring and the publicity about this part of the country recently certainly hasn't helped.
It's all a matter of trade-offs, but all things considered, I'd have to guess people would be much more excited about going to Vegas, Denver, or San Diego than KC.
And if the demand for hotel space is so high, why is there so little interest in the private sector in building a hotel?
The person who has ramrodded this project is neither a hotelier or developer.
His specialty is expertise in public sector subsidy programs.
Which pretty much answers the question.
If this "project" is completed, the next thing you'll hear is that Bartle Hall needs to be expanded.
Sound familiar?
Same song, 476th verse.

Anonymous said...

It's a hideous piece of architecture.
A vertical
Piece of dissected WaMart with lots of Windows.
Dubai, Beijing
Does anyone traveler Google before they design and approve
For the said future of this city? Rock of Ages milk of magnesia
Thinking folks. Look at the games you buy your grandkids...oops children.
No taste. Yuck.

Common Sense Dictates said...

Kansas City isn't a convention type city. Trust me I have been to way too many of them and know what I'm talking about. I'd say 75% or better of all those I use to go to had many wonderful attractions close to the convention center within a short walking distance. But to be honest really what is there in the downtown area to walk to other than manybe your death by walking in the dark to begin with. I was at a show downtown once and the company booked a group of rooms to stay in and one guy backed out so I just used the room one night vs driving back east late at night after a few drinks. This was about 10 years ago and I kid you not we all stuck but a 5 or 10 and credit cards in our shoes in case we were robbed which we were told happens a lot before we left the place that night.

So who would want to come to Kansas City....hell even I don't live there.

Anonymous said...

^^^ spoken like someone who hasn't been downtown in years.

Anonymous said...

1:02PM Have you been downtown lately??? Obviously not. Go sell that shit elsewhere. You busted yourself out as a liar and a know-nothing. If you don't live here, then why are you on here????

Byron Funkhouser said...

So, 1:50, you don't believe in free speech, or free will?

When you can't defend your actions, launch a personal attack.

Anonymous said...

all true , 12:03 -- I was just thinking that the shitty way most corporations are treating their employees these days - they would be attracted to the lower travel, and hotel, costs, --rather than treating the workers to a fun place like Vegas or SD

hopefully - they would bring some much needed $$ to KC

Retro ROCKER said...

It's too Late for Another convention, hotel.By time it is built the economy will tank. It's called trends research. THERE WILL BE FEWER LARGE CONVENTIONS. AND THE OUTHER HOTEL'S WILL CAPITALIZE ON THE SMALLER ONES. THERE VENUES ARE MORE APPEALING.

Anonymous said...

1:02 really does speak some truth to the downtown area some years back. But as he points out at one point when he says 10 years ago.

Some of you idiots in here jump on what someone says with out really reading it or even knowing WTF you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

All of these discussions about KCMO as a convention city or what's been happening downtown are based on comparisons.
Is downtown today "better" than it was some years ago when there was pretty much nothing other than porno book stores and empty store fronts?
Certainly, yes.
But compared to OTHER cities, downtown KCMO is still a vacuous sterile nothing and mostly so superficial it reminds you of an amusement park. And nothing exemplifies the vibe like the streetcar with everyone just trying way too hard to be having an exciting wonderful time.
As another commentator mentioned in an earlier post, convention and corporate meeting planners have all the data they need and know what to look for and are not blown away by all the hype and silliness of Sly and the VisitKC folks.
Have fun, enjoy yourself, but keep in mind what KC is.
And is not.

Anonymous said...

The problem with these deals is that the people who are actually paying the taxes in KC don't vote. Why Peckerwoods can not look at what is going on and still refuse to motivate is the sole factor Sly and his cronies rely on to get damn near everything done in KC.

Anonymous said...

1:02's observations are so timely that he posted his comment via a flip phone while a nearby TV showed President Bush speaking to reporters.