Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Kansas City Tuesday Morning News Look

Hottie Cara begins our Kansas City early morning as we take a peek at these top links for Tuesday. Checkit:

City Hall PRETENDS To Pay Attention

KCMO.gov " PIAC public hearings

The Public Improvements Advisory Committee (PIAC), in cooperation with the Mayor and City Council, will be holding public hearings across the city. These hearings are being held so that the Committee and Council can hear from citizens about the city's public improvements needs.

Help Find This Dude . . .

Police look for missing MO man with ties to KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Trenton, Missouri Police Department has issued an endangered person advisory for missing man Tanner Ward. The Missouri Highway Patrol said Ward, 19, left his mother's residence in the 1200 block of East 12th Street in Trenton, Missouri on June 7 at 5 p.m.

Kansas Stands Up For Israel

Kansas Votes to Ban BDS from State BusinessThe Jewish Press | Hana Levi Julian | 19 Sivan 5777 - June 13, 2017 | JewishPress.com

Kansas State lawmakers voted 116 to 9 last week in the House and 36 to 3 in the Kansas State Senate last Wednesday to ban the state from conducting any business with firms that cooperate with the Boycott, Divest & Sanctions campaign against Israel.

Show-Me More Big Pharma Push Back

'Chemical straight-jackets:' Lawsuit claims Missouri foster kids prescribed too many meds

Two national child advocacy organizations have filed a federal lawsuit against the Missouri Department of Social Services, alleging that children in the state's foster care system are over-prescribed psychotropic medications with little oversight. "They're prescribed off-label, to control behaviors," said Bill Grimm, an attorney for the National Center for Youth Law, which filed the lawsuit on Monday.

Border War Double Take

Missouri AD Jim Sterk on renewing rivalry with Kansas: 'I'd like for that to happen'

Missouri athletic director Jim Sterk would like to rekindle the Tigers' rivalry with Kansas. As reported by The Kansas City Star's Tod Palmer on Monday, Sterk said Mizzou is "certainly open to that," when describing the school's mindset about playing the Jayhawks once more in football, basketball and other sports.

More Kansas City Water Trouble

Kansas City mom's frustrations at a fever pitch after she's left without hot water for two weeks

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- "I'm so stressed out right now. I can't do nothing. I can't cook, I can't bathe my baby and his sister. I can barely clean up my place. Boiling water to clean up is not the way you're supposed to live," said a infuriated Essence Gordon.

Scary Metro Buzz

Watch: Helicopter's low flight over Weatherby Lake draws spectators

Watch: Helicopter's low flight over Weatherby Lake draws spectators A low-flying helicopter over Weatherby Lake on Monday night drew concerns from neighbors that it was having technical problems. A low-flying helicopter over Weatherby Lake drew concerns from neighbors that it was having technical problems. The helicopter was seen flying very low over the lake before 9 p.m.

Public TV Booze news

Order Up| Crane Brewing Company's Orange Gose

Order Up| Crane Brewing Company's Orange Gose

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Anonymous said...

FREE THE NIPPLE ON THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you have lots, and I mean LOTS, of time on your hands, by all means go to the PIAC hearings and tell your council member about your neighborhood's infrastructure maintenance and improvement needs.
Then sit back and watch the electeds spend that money on whatever big new thing has been presented to them in the last 24 hour period.
Just like Reed, whose district is as in need of intelligent infrastructure spending as any, who gave away $500,000 for a streetcar STUDY.
Dog and pony shows as far as the eye can see.
Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

awwww...poor Mizzou left the Big 12 for mo' money -- now they don't have a true rival...and want to play KU


Anonymous said...

News to Essence Gordon: people boiled water to "clean up" for thousands of years. (Those who didn't often died.) You don't work, you can't walk two blocks, housing is being provided to you at no cost, taxpayers are supporting both you and your two unfortunate kids. Question, what do you have to do all day long but boil water? The busier you stay, the less chance you will have to burden society with another illegitimate whelp.

Anonymous said...

10:54 AM you are some kind of rube if you think that Mizzou won't play KU again in football. That's gonna happen, everyone with an IQ above 60 gets that. The only person who is actively against it is Hillbilly Self and let's face it he doesn't have much time left at KU. Money drives the discussion and since there will be too much to turn down..guess what's gonna happen?

Anonymous said...

12:33 Money does matter -- and the big-time KU donors are against ever playing MU

Muck Fizzou -and you too!

Anonymous said...

Big time KU donors? that's an oxymoron...moron.

Anonymous said...

Mizzou joined the SEC, fuck them. KC is KU territory, both sides of state line. Go find a university in St. Louis to play with.