Sunday, June 04, 2017

The Kansas City Sunday Afternoon Look

Candice and her international angelic hotness inspires this quick peek at some of the worthwhile links for Kansas City Saturday . . .

Kansas City Footballer Future

Kansas City Chiefs: Chris Conley must step up in 2017

On Friday evening I was eating at a restaurant before going to see Tom Petty in concert (awesome start to the weekend, by the way) when I got a text from my co-editor Ben Almquist that the Kansas City Chiefs had released Jeremy Maclin.

KCK Gunfire Emergency

Woman with critical gunshot wound shows up at hospital in Kansas City, Kan.

A woman with a critical gunshot wound arrived at Providence Medical Center in Kansas City, Kan., on Sunday afternoon.

JoCo Vs. Kansas Education

JCCC Keeps Tuition Steady, But Other Kansas Universities Are Waiting On The Legislature

There are two college tuition stories in Kansas right now. The first is a good news story. Johnson County Community College says it will hold the line on tuition. The JCCC Board of Trustees voted last month to maintain the current cost for students.

Tragic Olathe Run-In

One dead, at least one other injured following crash in Olathe

The incident happened near 151st and Ridgeview

Home Team Blowout Underway

Cleveland Indians vs. Kansas City Royals: Live updates and chat, Game 55

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Cleveland Indians take on the Kansas City Royals on Sunday in Game 55 of the MLB season at Kauffman Stadium. Get scoring updates and participate in a live chat in the comments below with reporters Paul Hoynes and Zack Meisel. Make sure to follow Hoynsie and Zack on Twitter.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


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Anonymous said...

I think we do not appreciate the JCCC enough. It is really a treasure, and I am proud to live in a county with the quality of education that it offers. It's national reputation is outstanding, and we should all be thankful for its existence. The school is very adaptive, offering lots of practical courses for working adults, retirees, and teenagers who are still exploring their options. Most people who comment complain, but this is an "attaboy" for our community college.

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