Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Kansas City Saturday First Look

Hottie Alice starts the weekend and here are some of the more important links we're checking right now . . .

Kansas City Baseball Tribute

The effort to honor a 94-year-old Negro Leagues umpire with a bronze statue

Bob Motley, the last surviving umpire from the Negro Leagues, is starting to show signs of dementia. And before he goes, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City wants to add a 13th life-size bronze statue to its Field of Legends.

Show-Me Grocery Surveillance

Missouri pharmacies use system to track sale of meth ingredients

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - In an attempt to slow the growth of methamphetamine labs, pharmacies in the state of Missouri are now using the same electronic system to track the sale of meth's key ingredient. The system is called NPLEx, or National Precursor Log Exchange.

Meet The New KCMO Artsy Dude

Todd Stein Named CEO

The Mid-America Arts Alliance (M-AAA) Board of Directors voted unanimously on June 9, 2017 to appoint Todd Stein as its new chief executive officer. Stein will lead M-AAA, the nation's first regional arts organization which fosters and serves artists, cultural organizations, and communities in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, and beyond.

Golden Ghetto Against Garmin???

Garmin warehouse construction progressing over neighbor objections

OLATHE, Kan. - Imagine having a 720,000 square foot warehouse less than a football field away from your backyard. It's become reality for some Olathe families who live next to tech giant Garmin. Garmin's $220 million expansion is expected to create roughly 2,700 jobs.

JoPo On The Win Streak

Bye Bye Balboni? - Joe Blogs - Medium

Well, don't look now - the Kansas City Royals a hot. Well, sort of. They have won five in a row and have won each of those five games by at least five runs. It helped that four of the five wins were...

DJ Khaled - Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

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One more run said...

So, will the royals be going back to the world series?

30 years seems like a bit too long to wait.

The playoffs would be welcomed.