Friday, June 30, 2017

The Kansas City News Link Layout

Quick peek at some of the top Kansas City news links for right now as we're inspired by Marissa and her freshie hotness. Take a peek:

Kansas City Obamacare Recovery

Centene To Enter Missouri Counties Left 'Bare' By Blue KC's Decision To Exit ACA Marketplace

Centene Corp. will step into the breach created by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City's decision last month to exit the Affordable Care Act marketplace in 2018. The Clayton, Mo.-based insurer will begin selling health plans next year in all 25 western Missouri counties that Blue KC's withdrawal would have left "bare" - that is, without any insurer offering health plans in the individual market.

Asking Mayor Sly A Stupid Question

Mayor Sly James responds to question about renaming J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain

During a recent Facebook Live appearance, Kansas City Mayor Sly James talked about whether the J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain should be renamed.

Alleged Dishonor In WyCo

Wyandotte Co. prosecutor praises sheriff for investigating one of their own accused of 'great dishonor'

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The Wyandotte County district attorney and Wyandotte County sheriff held a news conference Friday morning to explain the case against a now-former deputy. Prosecutor Mark A. Dupree and Sheriff Don Ash believe Jay Pennington is guilty of official misconduct, making false information, forgery and theft and filed four felony charges against Pennington on Thursday.

On The Run In Kansas

Minimum custody inmate escapes from Lansing Correctional Facility

LANSING, Kan. - Officials are searching for an inmate that escaped from Lansing Correctional Facility. At 8:30 a.m. Friday, minimum custody inmate James Stewart II was seen leaving the facility in a white 2008 Chevy Impala with a Kansas license plate 16520. Stewart is 34 with green eyes and brown hair.

Kansas City Front Office Meanness

Why the Kansas City Chiefs should wait to hire their new GM

The Kansas City Chiefs certainly have a decent selection of choices before them at this point for a new General Manager. After firing John Dorsey (we refuse to believe any other story), Clark Hunt has quickly decided on a handful of new options, including in-house favorite Brett Veach.

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Anonymous said...

Let's put this in perspective with JC Nichols, he didn't create segregation he just did what everybody else was doing at that time. As much as this pains me I must agree with mayor bullhorn on this (but the jury is still out with him) keep the name because he did more good than bad plus you can use this as a teaching moment too

Anonymous said...

It's not just JC Nichols. I understand that Mayor James is unaware that redlining began in Kansas City and need not worry about explaining segregation to children. The Mayor puts mounted police at the fountain to chase black teens through the park so the black teenagers know where the redline is.

Anonymous said...

Sly rambled on and on and would not commit to an answer. Pussy

Anonymous said...

Exactly right 4:41. Here's the answer I would have given: "I have other things to worry about". Rambling on with no clear answer is why most folks don't like politicians.