Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Kansas City News Line-Up

Right now we're thinking about super models and Kansas City news. Here's the round-up:

Show-Me Missouri GOP Against UMKC

In first veto - Governor Greitens axes money for UMKC arts campus

Eric Greitens on Facebook Missouri Governor Eric Greitens SOURCE: Eric Greitens on Facebook Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens is vetoing the use of state funding to help build an arts campus in downtown Kansas City. Greitens in a Wednesday statement said taxpayer money should not be used to help pay for the $96 million University of Missouri-Kansas City arts campus.

Kansas City Burning Down

Fire investigators: Fire at vacant home near 19th & Lawn is result of arson

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Fire investigators say a fire at a vacant home near 19th and Lawn Wednesday appears to have been deliberately set. The home was in the process of being demolished. The home owner says he was supposed to finish cleaning up the rubble Wednesday.

Newspaper Hype For Tax Breaks

Fast-growing insurance company plans to create 1,000 jobs over six years in downtown KC

A City Council committee on Wednesday endorsed a property tax break for a fast-growing insurance company to support the addition of 1,000 new jobs to downtown Kansas City. The full Council votes Thursday on the proposal for Spring Venture Group, which hopes to move next year from its Crown Center offices into a largely vacant office building on West 12th Street.

Mayor Sly Press Event

Mayor and police going door-to-door to engage public on crime prevention

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Mayor Sly James, Interim Police Chief David Zimmerman, City Manager Troy Schulte as well as commanders and officers with KCPD are going door-to-door to meet with citizens directly to talk about crime prevention and to hear concerns from the public.

Kansas City Tagging Fight

Graffiti battle hits KC business owners from two sides as city threatens fines

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some business owners along the Prospect corridor in Kansas City, Mo., are frustrated that their buildings are getting tagged by graffiti vandals, but they say city officials are compounding the problem. The city has reportedly threatened business owners with fines or worse if they don't remove the graffiti within a few weeks.

Rolling With Perfect Village

Prairie Village police to launch bike officer unit to improve community relationship

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. - Next time you visit Prairie Village you may see officers on two wheels instead of four. Prairie Village Police launched a two-officer bike unit last week. The department told 41 Action News the reason for the change is to not only patrol local parks and trails more efficiently, but to also improve the relationship with the community.

Kansas City Public Radio Programming

KCUR To Change Program Schedule To Offer More News And Storytelling Daily

Perhaps 1970s television character Peter Brady said it best: "When it's time to change, you've got to rearrange." ( and cue ... earworm!) Over the past few months KCUR has tested various programs with listeners and we asked for your opinions on possible changes.

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Anonymous said...

I would screw all them chicks except the colored ones

Anonymous said...

Now that's funny right there!

Anonymous said...

Of all his completely empty PR stunts, Sly going door-to-door in the neighborhood near the trail where the serial murders have taken place tops them all.
He needs to go door-to-door in the 24 hundred block of College Avenue sometime after 11:00pm on a Saturday night and chat with the residents about reducing violence and reporting criminals to the police.
Please let us know when this happens and how it turns out.
And take clueless bozos like Christa Dubill, who thinks this stunt is a cutting-edge crime fighting strategy, along for the ride. She hasn't been east of the Plaza for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

There is your local control.....

Anonymous said...

How about Sly requesting the mothers to turn in the guns of their sons?

Until the Mothers do the right thing and stop the criminal behavior in their home, they will continue to bury their children.

Super Dave said...

Appears Perfect Village in a back handed way is admitting they have more of a drug issue than they want you to think they do.

Anonymous said...

And that's good.

Anonymous said...

Christa wants some black dick

Anonymous said...

Sly's going door to door ?????

I can hardly wait ,,,,

Sly Who ???????????

Anonymous said...

"PV police holding car wash to buy training wheels."