Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Kansas City Link Pool Right Now

Wayback Lucy hotness and just a quick collection of Kansas City links for the midday . . .

Northeast Kansas City Team Building

Scarritt Renaissance playground build.

Scarritt Renaissance Neighborhood Association volunteers descended upon the lower level of The Concourse on Saturday, June 13 to build a brand new playground for 2-5 year old children. Earlier in the week, LISC (Local Initiative Support Corporation) honored the neighborhood association with an award for "Best Use of Public Space" for its previous renovations at the Concourse.

Another Golden Ghetto Setback

Changes prompt revisiting Mission Gateway incentives - Kansas City Business Journal

Changes to the Mission Gateway plan are prompting city council members to revisit incentives, the Shawnee Mission Post reports. The project's developers want to add a $30 million office facility and are close to signing a tenant.

Mayor Sly @ Indian Creek Trail Tonight

Mayor and police to hold public meet-and-greet to discuss safety near Indian Creek Trail

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Wednesday night the interim police chief, mayor and other law enforcement are walking door-to-door in a south Kansas City neighborhood to reassure residents of their safety near Indian Creek Trail. At 6 p.m. Wednesday, you can meet with police at Evangel Church on E. 103rd Street.

More Deets On Double Death

Two people dead after car crashes into a tree on Prospect Avenue

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two people are dead after a one-car crash on 33rd and Prospect Avenue. Police said a white vehicle was traveling south on Prospect at a high rate of speed. The vehicle lost control, left the roadway and struck a large tree on the right side of the vehicle.

Kansas City Cool Down

Salvation Army hands out free fans in KC

The Salvation Army is handing out free fans until 11 a.m. Wednesday at Truman Road and Van Brunt Boulevard.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

The driver is not cooperating imagine that.Wanna' bet the car's stolen.

Anonymous said...

The Mission Gateway" project "developer" is close to signing a tenant.

Anonymous said...

TOP PHOTO -- Don't Be Shellfish

Question: After hanging around the lobsterman's dock all Summer, what did Lucy have to show for it?

Answer: A case of crabs!!!

Anonymous said...

Mission Gateway developer:
"I promise that in 2016 that I will have a tenant to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this vacant lot."

Anonymous said...

Looks like a caddy about to get a free fan put inside it

Anonymous said...

GD that fucker can afford a caddy but not a $19 fan, this is bullshit. Another gimme for the blacks.

Anonymous said...

"I want some Church's fried chicken and an order of fries with that fan!"

Anonymous said...

How many non blacks got fans? Uh huh! That is what I thought.