Friday, June 23, 2017

The Kansas City Friday Night Write-Up

Hottie Amber making a political statement as we check some of these local links to finish Friday. Checkit:

Kansas City Music Sampling

Craig Smith | A Kansas City Soundtrack

If Kansas City had a soundtrack, Craig Smith would probably create it. Smith is a local rapper and producer whose music has been picked up by Fox's "Star" and "Empire," Starz' "Power," TNT and Lionsgate Films. While he's found success commercially, he uses his platform to increase awareness of injustices in his KC community and works to change them.

Temp Top Cop Talks Murder Spike

Interim Kansas City police chief speaks on violent crime and the community

Interim Kansas City Police Chief David Zimmerman talks openly about the uptick in violent crime and possible solutions.

Sleaze Summit Safety Check

Lee's Summit fire department inspections delay firework tent sales

It is legal for Missouri fireworks tents to open in Lee's Summit on Friday, but retailers will have to wait for inspections to be performed before they can begin selling their wares. The tents undergo more than just a quick walk-though, said Jim Eden, Lee's Summit Fire Chief.

Kansas City Lesson In Tagging

Neighbors frustrated that Kansas City elementary school murals were vandalized

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some beautiful artwork, admired by historic Northeast neighbors, has been vandalized. Three years ago, the Kansas City Public School district allowed large murals to be painted on the now shuttered Scarritt Elementary School. Art instructor Hector Casanova and his students were thrilled to give the space a complete makeover.

Home Team Perspective

Three Reasons to Tread Carefully with the 2017 KC Royals

The KC Royals still have a ton of work to do to convince Dayton Moore that they are worthy of another shot at October. The Cleveland Indians are not going to go down easily, and if it wasn't for a road trip against three of the..."less good" teams in baseball, the Royals general manager may have already made his decision.

Kansas City Friday Falafel

Middle Eastern Food In KC (R)

In this encore presentation: A visit to Nazareth Sweets, which is in a part of Lenexa that's becoming a "Middle Eastern strip," and a culinary instructor talks about a beloved Syrian dish that she grew up eating. Then, the Food Critics search out the best Middle Eastern food in and around KC.

Kansas City Royals Back To .500 After Frenchy Win!

Les Blue Jays s'affaissent en fin de neuvième manche à Kansas City

Un double de deux points de Whit Merrifield aux dépens du releveur Jason Grilli a couronné une poussée de 4 points des Royals de Kansas City en fin de neuvième manche et scellé une victoire de 5-4 contre les Blue Jays de Toronto vendredi soir au Missouri.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

I'll have a whopper and fries please.

Gr said...

Agreed. That food is just nasty and there is no adding bacon.

Anonymous said...

THAT Camel jockey shit food is made with dog meat , Arab feces and urine . Enjoy your meal you hipsters , metrosexual TRANNY BITCHES !

Anonymous said...

Notice how all this foreign food and pizza got trendy when women became too fucking equal and lazy to cook? Damn broads are fucking worthless.

Anonymous said...

Could someone write up what chief Zimmerman has to say. Not really interested in his blog.