Friday, June 30, 2017

Show-Me Newsweek Fact Check Exposing FAKE NEWS On Missouri SB 5 Discrimination Against Women On Birth Control

Conservative denizens of the blogosphere like Jack Cashill called this bit of hyperbole quickly . . . And now here's the follow-up to widespread Conservative outrage over the fanciful idea that anybody would dare give a lady a hard time for planning a party ahead of time. Meanwhile, if we're talking meds then it's way more important that the cruel Missouri budget will be RAISING PRICES FOR SENIORS and their prescriptions. You decide:

Here's what SB 5 is really about

Contrary to news reports, a controversial new bill in Missouri does not attempt to allow employers to discriminate against women who used birth control, the state governor's spokesman told Newsweek Thursday. The bill, SB 5, would, among other things, impose tighter restrictions on abortion providers and allow real estate agents to refuse to sell or rent them land.


Anonymous said...

Sounds perfectly reasonable given what they are doing to the unborn.

Anonymous said...

Plan B is a plan for murder.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Rick Santorin theme song.

Anonymous said...

Jack Cashill never cared much for women anyway.