Thursday, June 15, 2017

Show-Me The Missouri Abortion Crackdown

The special session is moving along quickly as baby-killing "reproductive rights" confront push back from The GOP majority. Checkit:

Missouri Senate stays up late to pass abortion restrictions; House to take up bill next week

Updated at 6:30 a.m. June 15 with Senate passing abortion bill - Missouri senators passed legislation early Thursday that would require annual health inspections of abortion clinics and enact other new restrictions on the procedure. After a long day of closed-door meetings, the Senate eventually voted 20-8 in favor of the measure, which was sponsored by GOP Sen.


Byron Funkhouser said...

The Republican attack on women continues.

Abortions are legal, & if you attempt to bypass this fact, by "restricting" abortions than you are defying The Supreme Court, & settled law since 1974.

If you are opposed to abortion than don't have one, but telling other people what they can, & can not, do with their own bodies is tyranny.

Anonymous said...

I was totally against abortion until I thought of Byron. Now I am 100% for it. Byron doesn't really make a good case for abortion. He is a good case for abortion.

Anonymous said...

12:20, abortion kills 500,000 unborn a year.

THAT is the real war on women.

And it eliminates more Black Lives every MONTH than the KKK has in its entire existence.

So, obviously BLACK LIVES DON'T MATTER to Planned Parenthood!

Anonymous said...

I'm pro contraception. Guys, put a condom on before you do the happy dance with your girlfriend. Girls, get on a good birth control plan and tell your guy to wear protection. Not only for contraception, but to protect both of you against disease.

Being proactive prevents the need for abortion, in most cases. Education will also help.

Anonymous said...

My God Funkhouser, do you EVER research ANYTHING! Almost all of those liberal Western European countries that you so admire, restrict abortions after the first trimester.

Anonymous said...

I don't like banging with a condom unless the girl is a total slut.

Anonymous said...

Then it's a good thing. kkk needs to step up their game.

Anonymous said...

Funkenshyster is a fucking idiot thug. He thinks murdering a million unborn a year makes perfect "health" sense for women. What a fucking mind. No wonder the country is a clusterfuck. We need to start kicking arse and stop listening to these douche bags before they dream up a six month womens health grace period whereby kids can be recalled for abortion after birth.