Sunday, June 11, 2017

Show-Me 'Abortion Sanctuary' Missouri Battle

Culture war language most often used against Mexicans is now employed against women's right to infanticide. Take a look:

Missouri Fights Over 'Abortion Sanctuary Cities'

If there is one positive result of the Trump presidency, it's that, along with our president, America has been forced to take a nationwide crash course on how government works. (We're all learning!) Loosely defined sanctuary policies have created several power struggles amongst liberal cities which want to make their own rules against the will of their more conservative state.


Anonymous said...

You lost! Get over it!!!

Anonymous said...

Your President is a liar and incompetent^^^Get used to it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^ hey Hillary, how's carpet munching with Huma going?

Anonymous said...

KCMO needs abortion clinics in the inner city high schools and on metro buses.

Anonymous said...

I did not have seshual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinski.

I can not tell a lie.

Your Friend
Honest Bill