Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Remembering Kansas City Foodie Glory Daze

Wayback Wednesday tribute to the local foodie scene from one of the new power players:

Those Were the Days My Friends . . . or Wasn't 1997 Just Yesterday?

Let's go back: Twenty years ago, the Kansas City restaurant world was a different place. The Plaza had many local restaurants while downtown really wasn't an eating destination other than daytime. The Power and Light District, the Sprint Center, the Kauffman weren't around. The Crossroads basically didn't exist either.


Anonymous said...

Fondue was a '70s thing, not an '80s thing. The story misses a key factor: cultural diversity among local eateries is the result of increased immigration, primarily by Asian and Latin people other than the Chinese and Mexicans who have been around here forever, though they (and the newer arrivals) are more numerous now.

Anonymous said...

Every strip mall it seems has a (faux) Chinese and a (faux) Mexican restaurant. Right next to the cell phone store and a nail salon. Sometimes there is even a payday loan place and a tattoo parlor. Check it out sometime and see if I'm right.

The place that I miss the most is Sidney's - the one on the Plaza and the other was on Broadway across from the Uptown Theater. They had a dish called "Poor Man's Eggs" that was the perfect ending to a night out back in the 60s and 70s. They also had some kick-ass coffee and their servers were mostly older women who could actually remember your order and get it right.