Monday, June 12, 2017

Public Safety Campaign: Kansas City Mobile Phone Distractions Kill Pedestrians

Quick public service given that nearly half a dozen pedestrians have been killed in Kansas City in the past three months.


MODOT: Safety Is A Two-Way Street

Statewide, from 2013-2016, a total of 347 pedestrians were killed, and 1,021 were seriously injured.

The top five pedestrian contributing factors involved in the 347 fatalities were failure to yield (100 fatalities), alcohol impairment (55 fatalities), distraction/inattention (44 fatalities), drug impairment (20 fatalities) and physical impairment (11 fatalities).

“We want to be sure that citizens are as safe as possible in all modes of transportation,” said Bill Whitfield, chair of the coalition’s executive committee. “We encourage all drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to make safe choices so everyone, no matter the mode of transportation, makes it to their destination safe.”

Keep the following pedestrian safety tips in mind anytime you walk:

- Drivers and pedestrians need to make eye contact with each other. Don’t assume that the other one has seen you.
- If you must exit a stalled vehicle alongside the roadway, do so on the opposite side of traffic and do not attempt to walk across the oncoming traffic.
- Only cross at an intersection or crosswalk – stepping out from between parked cars or other obstacles by the road can keep a driver from being able to see you and stop in time.
- Look left, right and then left again before crossing an intersection or crosswalk – you always want to double check the lane that you’ll be entering first.
- Be aware of drivers even when you are in a designated crosswalk – drivers can look and use their mirrors, but there are always blind spots.
- Avoid walking with headphones in – you won’t to be able to hear if a car is coming.
- Always wear brightly colored clothing for visibility when exercising alongside a roadway.
- Always walk against the flow of traffic rather than with the traffic.
- Always be cautious when exiting parking lots, and be on the lookout for pedestrians.

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Anyone moving while texting gets what they deserve.

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