Friday, June 16, 2017

New Single-Terminal KC Airport Parable

Words of wisdom and one of the most accurate round-ups of the new airport debate in Kansas City. Checkit: A Solution Looking For A Problem

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Anonymous said...

This whole fiasco is certainly a solution looking for a problem and what passes for "management" of the airport has continued to create as many problems and as much inconvenience as possible in a vain attempt to get the flying public to support building a new terminal.
But it's mostly the usual suspects eyeing a billion dollar trough of public money and desperately trying to figure a way, any way, to get their snouts in it.
And the desperation seems to be becoming more acute after their first abortive attempt at an insider no-bid deal.
Stand by for increasingly outlandish claims, ridiculous promises, fake studies, and outright lies.
The smell of all that money is just too much to ignore.