Thursday, June 01, 2017


Road rage aftermath reports tug at the heartstrings whilst the fam attempts to crowdfund following a devastating loss. Checkit:

Man killed in road rage shooting was reportedly taking girlfriend home from ultrasound

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Ammosexual Righteousness said...

Aren't you glad more people are running around with guns?

I know I feel safer.

Anonymous said...

I just don't buy the puff pieces on this guy. Tragic that he lost his life? I would say so on a human level, but the value of human life is greatly diminished in the urban ghetto culture. Tragic that the child will grow up without a father? Again I say yes on a human level, but given that some 73% of the urban black youth grow up in the exact same manner, it's really not out of bounds. I would like to hear the full story of the interaction. The killer didn't just pull up and start shooting. I suspect the vic was driving like a jackass, got to running his mouth and/or vehicle at an unstable perp.

Anonymous said...

^^^Glad you are able to speculate Sherlock to justify your pathetic world view. A man is dead killed by a coward. How about this version: I bet the shooter was a Trump supporter who was just trying to make America great again. He wasn't gonna let now boy from the hood impede his time on the road, so he did what all good Aryans must do, he pulled his piece, shot it, then ran like a coward to go post some more on TKC. I bet that's exactly what happened.