Friday, June 23, 2017

More Deets On Parking Lot Plans To Destroy Kansas City Museum Scenery

Over the weekend our blog community talked about a threat to the Kansas City Museum by way of a horribly planned parking lot.

Here's confirmation of AWESOME TKC TIPSTERS and even more detail in a comprehensive report:

Northeast News: Kansas City Museum seeking input on parking solution

Developing . . .


Kessler Park Fan said...

I agree with Mr.Strenge's description of this land as 'the prettiest spot in KC'. Although I moved from KC in the late 70's, I have great memories of growing up in NEKC. As a child, visiting the Museum & Dr Altimire's home and later, summer nights in Kessler Park with some of those beautiful KC girls. Please don't ruin this area!

Anonymous said...

Save the North American wood boar and bore too. Close the museum.