Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mission Gateway Goes Down Again

Another tragic update and a reminder that our suburban counterparts are also horribly incompetent when it comes to taxpayer subsidized development:

Mission Gateway Project stalled for the fourth time

MISSION, Kan. -- A long anticipated construction project in Mission, Kan., is once again being delayed. When the Mission Mall closed back in 2005, no one thought it would take long to do something with the land off Johnson Drive and Roe.


The Truth of the Matter said...

"is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of people to this area every year and bring millions of dollars in sales taxes to Mission."

Sounds like street car trash talk to me. Build it and they will come. Ha, only the freeloaders will come.

Anonymous said...

Every time it's delayed my bet that it'll never be built by this fool looks better and better.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is a great new location for Mike's hotel.
The financing looks about as solid.

Retro ROCKER said...

You build a mail order house. Retail Development is a high risk. Independence Center defaulted.on a $200,million loan.Montgomery WARD'S STARTED THE MAIL ORDER AND AMAZON TOOK IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

Anonymous said...

This development is never gonna happen. This guy ought to give it up. He owes everybody in town already, and he hasn't even begun the project. If the citizens of Mission put one more dollar in this project, they are even dumber than he is.