Sunday, June 18, 2017

Kansas Pays Crazy Money For Nuthouse

Stupid post title about serious big bucks for the Sunflower State amid harsh times:

Kansas to lose $1 million a month in federal funds until mental hospital recertified

The state mental hospital in eastern Kansas failed to regain federal certification after a survey in May, though state officials say the federal inspectors' report showed that safety and patient care had improved significantly. Kansas will continue to lose up to $1 million a month in federal funds that are being withheld until a 60-bed unit at Osawatomie State Hospital is recertified.


Outside the Box said...

It's been awhile since I took a math class. Someone please help me. Kansas will lose $1 million a month ($12 million a year) from federal money--for housing 158 people. Suicidal and seriously mentally ill people. In other words, the federal government has been subsidizing 158 people $75,949 per year to live in Osawatomie. Because of bad food service, and other issues.

This is the kind of facility where very few are released. It's like a prison for the mentally ill.

Why not just close the place? And take over some underused motel on a highway on I-35 or 435 near Metcalf? That's a room rate of $208 per day, 365. The loved ones and family members who couldn't provide enough care for a sick family member at home might appreciate being able to be HIRED to work here instead, to care for their loved ones. It would have a decent kitchen.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is it is a good damn thing the Feds don't inspect nursing homes or we would not have any in Missouri or Kansas