Thursday, June 15, 2017

Kansas Lost The Economic Border War

MSM gloating about the evil of tax cuts continues . . . We're posting this write-up merely as proof that biz poaching from Kansas City proper didn't really help the fortunes of the the Sunflower State or it's embattled leadership that was ultimately brought down by GOP colleagues who didn't want to lose elections over a school shut down that was thankfully averted with the signing of the school funding bill today.

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Analysis | Kansas's conservative experiment may have gone worse than people thought

When Kansas Republican lawmakers voted to raise state taxes last week, they were not only rebuking their own governor, they were tacitly admitting that his tax cuts hadn't produced the economic boom their proponents promised. It is not just that tax cuts didn't achieve their purpose, though.


Anonymous said...

Kansas is a state full of pussies

Anonymous said...

^^^ Oh, yeah, because neither Overland Park nor Olathe have installed a free ride streetcar, a rigged-bid new airport, or a politico pay-off hotel deal.