Monday, June 05, 2017


Generally, local vets seem pleased but let's remember a great many campaign promises from denizens on both sides of the aisle that always seem forgotten until the next election season.

Here's an important article that deserves consideration for late night readers of the local news scene:

KSHB: Kansas City veterans weigh-in on VA Secretary promises to improve VA Hospitals

And while Summer is the season of both empty and heartfelt tribute to those who served, Kansas City news watchers might want to remember the social safety net which includes services to veterans must be maintained all year round.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

President Trump specifically promised that veterans would be able to chose their health care provider. He specifically promised that veterans wold not have to use the VA, but the VA would have to compete with outside healthcare. So far what he has done is bolstered the VA, talked a bunch of shit about expending the veterans choice program (which has nothing to d with vets having free choice) and every thing he has done indicated he totally forgot what he promised the veterans. The idea that the fucking VA head tells us it is bad and it will take a long time to fix is no different than what has been going on for the past hundred years at the VA. There is nothing changing and there is no pressure to make changes happen now. Meanwhile tax payers cash is being burned b the millions every day in the largest and most wasteful agency in the Federal bureaucracy. Shut down the thousands of veterans medical facilities, give the vets a medical card and lets finally put an end to this farce. I can not believe the tax payers are not raising hell at what this dog and pony show is costing them every year.

Anonymous said...

After 50+ years using the so-called U.S. "Health Care" system, I now get all my care from the VA. Never have I received care as good as what I now receive. Slamming the VA System has been a standard REPUBLICAN'T tactic since the Reagan Debacle.

If the U.S. ever decides to join the civilized countries of the World and adopt Universal Health Care, we could do far worse than use the VA as a starting model. C'mon people, Germany adopted Universal Health Care in 1848, isn't it time we at least started to catch up? If we had adopted Universal Care in 1902 when Teddy Roosevelt (a Republican't) first proposed it, we wouldn't even be having this sort of conversation.