Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kansas City Tuesday Night Clean-Up

Jess & Jodie inspire us to polish up some of the Kansas City top links for today. Take a peek:

Kangaroo Lady Talks B-Ball Culture

New UMKC Basketball Coach Emphasizes The Little Things In Changing Program's Culture

Jacie Hoyt grew up in the basketball gym. She watched her mother, Shelly Hoyt, build a program, emphasizing the importance of passion and work ethic. Only then came Hoxie High School's 107-game winning streak and four straight state championships.

No Clue On Westside Blaze

Massive fire at furniture store on Southwest Boulevard officially ruled undetermined

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The cause of that massive fire on Southwest Boulevard last week may never be determined. Fox 4 checked with fire investigators Tuesday, and they say the cause is officially undetermined, and it seems it will stay that way. Investigators never went inside the burned out building, and the demolition process is already underway.

Social Media Slap Fight Fodder

New report shows KCK has the safest drivers in the nation

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Kansas City, Kansas has safest drivers in the country according to Allstate's latest annual Best Driver's Report. The report listed Kansas City, Kansas as having the safest drivers in the nation. "We've really noticed a direct correlation between hard breaking and collision," Allstate Insurance Agent, Tim Waltrip said.

Meth Town Mall In Trouble

Independence Center mall's financial problems worry shoppers, residents

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- A long-standing shopping center in Independence is facing an uncertain future. The owner of Independence Center, Simon Property Group, is about to default on a major loan. The situation is concerning to many in the community. Independence Center is more than just a mall to Jody Kahlich.

Former Kansas Politico Hates TrumpCare

Sebelius: Republican Health Care Plans Are 'A Very Cruel War On The Poor'

In a post Tuesday on the Health Affairs blog, former Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius calls the Republican health care plans passed by the House and proposed by the Senate "a very cruel war on the poor."

Airport Ordinance Nod

Editorial: Kansas City Council right to explore public borrowing for KCI project

Members of the Kansas City Council will begin considering a proposal Wednesday to put a new airport terminal on the November ballot. The plan, proposed by City Councilwoman Katheryn Shields, is pretty straightforward. It would ask voters to authorize issuance of public airport bonds, up to $990 million, to "construct a new passenger terminal at Kansas City International Airport."

The Kansas City Forecast

First Alert: Severe thunderstorms possible Wednesday into Thursday

Damaging wind and damaging hail will be possible with this system

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Silverback Sly said...

Ok so the scam gets exposed and now they want us to pay...seems fair!

From the files of we don't give a crap. said...

Oh hell yes buildings just burn up all the time in Kansas City. Who paid off who here? A building catches fire on the top floor and nobody wants to question why? Maybe if Rod Anderson had seen that the roof of his place caught on fire the investigating geniuses at KCFD would have blown off any type of an investigation.

Anonymous said...

TOP PHOTO -- Rub-A-Dub-Dub

After switching to "J and J", I had "no more tears" at bath time!!!

Mr. KC Clean said...

^^^ YES!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey 8;18PM Stop. Just stop. You don't know a fucking thing and idiotic posts like yours lower the already low-discourse on this site to new lows. There was a fire, it burned the top floor, that floor collapsed into the other floors, which collapsed into the basement. No firefighters entered the structure because it was IN DANGER OF COLLAPSING!!!! Should some have tried and died in order to get the cause?? Now how in the fuck are they gonna determine the cause when all of the rubble burned? Not every fucking thing is a conspiracy you fucking dolt. Sometimes the simplest answer is the best. Shit happens. No go the fuck away.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Talk about low discourse. Pot meet kettle.

Anonymous said...

8:05 is a butt hurt Firefighter who can't read. Nothing was said about nobody going in to fight the fire all was said was about how no investigation took place. Talk about making a post where you don't know a fucking thing and come out looking like an idiot.

Anonymous said...

"Independence Center mall's financial problems worry shoppers, residents"

Talk about a junior grade wannabe journalist bullshit story..... Simon has properties all over America. Just because they go belly up or bankrupt is not an indication that anything at the Independence Center will close. There is a 99 percent change that either the court trustee will assign a fiduciary to administer the mall, Simon will reorganize under bankruptcy and/or the property will be sold to another corporation. All the rest of that reported drama is fucking moronic fake news bullshit - which is about what you expect from the local press..

Anonymous said...

"Sebelius: Republican Health Care Plans Are 'A Very Cruel War On The Poor'"

....buy not as cruel as that fucking online mess you created when wasting millions of tax payer dollars trying to get your computer applications up to speed. The only person, from the Obama administration, who could possibly claim to be any techie dumber is Hiliary - the other old white grannie from the past.

Anonymous said...

"Editorial: Kansas City Council right to explore public borrowing for KCI project"

How sad to see a town where the governments best option to spend a billion dollars on is a new airport. Has the city commission taken a drive through town lately?

Anonymous said...

Hey Sebelius, you dumb cunt. How is it any worse than the fucked up mess you gave us with the ACA?