Sunday, June 04, 2017


Tonight let's take a look at an alternative perspective regarding the ongoing airport debate and much needed push back against Burns & Mac domination of the process.

To wit . . .


Here's an exhaustive yet COMPREHENSIVE review of the agenda that gets in full swing this week . . .


We should all be embarrassed for Mayor James, City Manager Schulte, Councilwoman Justus, Councilman Reed, who along with other hand picked patsies forged the RFP on the new single terminal airport this week. If they aren’t they should be aware Kansas City is the laughing stock of the airline industry world wide for putting out such a stupid document. Just about the time we thought they might do it right, here comes this joke which can’t even be called an legitimate RFP. This is once again the ATAG and all the other phony committees the mayor has set up to jam this single terminal idea down our throats rolled into one document.

If it was a legitimate RFP, it would consider the remodel proposals which have been presented. These remodel proposals answer the sight line problems and add 9,000 parking spaces right by the terminals. These are the objections we hear to the remodel proposals, yet the proposals address the objections. The objections are FAKE!

The RFP for the airport terminal is a boondoggle. It’s a set-up for Burns and MacDonald. This document does not meet any national or international standard in terms of procurement and probity.

For example . . .

- Burns & Mac’s right to review all bids and their exclusive right to match any bid.

- Process for design, construction and finance does not permit any innovation or proposed improvement to the project.

- Submittal must comply with BM’s proposal plus previous studies conducted by Langdon | Brown and others for the Single Terminal

- Limit to sub-contractors already under contract to BM >

- No disclosure of previous agreements and detailed requirements from airlines, etc.

Evaluation Committee makeup is a joke. Where are the financial people? What experience do these people (James, Schulte, Justus, Reed) have evaluating a multi billion dollar airport construction project?

Proposals for KCI are due June 20 with a formal presentation on June 22. This makes it extremely difficult for potential bidders. The proposal is limited to 100 pages. They do not identify the MWBE % requirement – only desires that MWBE have a maximum opportunity to participate. (Take note Canaday, Barnes)!

As to be expected, the proposal requirements are very detailed.

Other details include:

• The City will continue to own and operate the airport.
• Design, build and privately finance a 750,000 square foot terminal
• Provides at least 6,500 spot parking garage
• Includes 35 gates but is expandable to 42 gates - (we have 50 gates available now. An airline executive said recently;” I have never seen a city wanting to spend over a billion dollars to downsize their airport”! Yet here we are!!!
• Reflects the design approved by airlines a year ago
• Reflects the financing approved by airlines
• Utilizes local construction workers
• Pays prevailing wages
• Meets or exceeds the City’s MBE/WBE goals as well as workforce development or job training for local workers
• Ensures the City retains ownership and operation of the airport
• Includes 1% of the cost dedicated to the arts

Burns and McDonnell have never built an airport from the ground up! Would you hire a builder to build a house for you who has never built a house? I don’t think so!

Don’t forget the meeting Monday night: FINAL AIRPORT MEETING: Monday June 5TH 5:30 pm Bruce R Watkins Cultural Center, 3700 Blue Parkway, Kansas City, MO.

Please show up and voice your displeasure at this FAKE RFP. Kansas City is better than this. This is an embarrassment. There are professional companies who prepare fair and honest RFPs. Lets hire one of them and do this right. Again any city councilperson endorsing this circus does not have what it takes to be mayor of our great city. Stand up and be heard!

Citizens for Responsible Government

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CKC said...

OF COURSE the new RFP is rigged.

We don't need a burns & mcdonnell airport. We need more oversight of the Mayor & Schulte.

Anonymous said...

you have the best airpot in u.s. tell mayor coon to go away. spend some money on updates save yourself a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

fake rfp for crony, rigged airport contract supported by a free op-ed advertisement in the local fakenewspaper.

no independent financial expert has evaluated the unique financial structure.

what a cluster****!

Anonymous said...

As this post points out, KCMO has become the laughing stock of the airline industry.
But it doesn't stop there.
Having KCMO electeds and their gang of hacks constantly asserting that everybody's moving downtown, or KCMO is the arts capital of the country, or it's becoming a tech hub, or any one of the many other flights of fantasy coming out of 12th and Oak, give the rest of the country that the region is run by self-aggrandizing fools who have been at it so long that they actually believe this crap themselves.
Tax and utility rates, safe neighborhoods, decent streets and sidewalks, some common sense use of tech like traffic signal synchronization, and other basics are what make a community attractive for residents, businesses, and visitors, all three.
KCMO has become a laughing stock, first in the region, and now around the country.
The airport fiasco just adds to the general laughter surrounding the latest filings for mayor.
You really can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

our illustrious city council is the dumbest group along with mayor slimeball of course that this city has ever seen. Fat boy Troy is just running amuck spending our money like there is no tomorrow. I'm afraid to see what is coming down the pike. By the way has anybody heard anything about gobond money or has that already been pegged for toy train and the hotel?

Anonymous said...

last person please turn out the lights

Everyone Else said...

Mayor Sly sold out KC

Anonymous said...

35 gates for our 24 billion visitors? What happens when we cross the one trillion visitor threshold? We really aren't looking very far ahead, are we?

Anonymous said...

does the new airport include rapid transit (no slow lightrail, please) to downtown? there it could connect to lightrail and maybe amtrak.

that would be convenient.

Anonymous said...

Nobody believes a thing Lard-ass Sly James says. Burns & McDouch has seriously damaged their reputation by their obvious greed and underhanded dealing with Sly.

Anonymous said...

That's how the Communist Liberals work, thru lies, deceit followed up with more lies, spin and manipulation !!!

Remember SLY JAMES and other city council, who raged for the Earning TAX that was supposed to provide for more city services, and more police protection and fire,,,,,

only to find out later after their phony votes that that wasn't the case,,,,

So far everything this Degenerate COMMUNIST LIBERAL Mayor Sly James has said & done, is 1 BIG LIE, typical of a Commie Liberal scumbag Degenerate Cockroach = Mayor Sly James of KCMO !!!!

Anonymous said...

If we used all 3 terminals​, we'd have 90 gates.