Thursday, June 22, 2017

Kansas City Summer Ruckus Tonight!!!

In addition to all of the local gunfire, there are also a great many political fireworks to consider.

Accordingly, here's the gold standard of political discourse in Kansas City talking the top issues in the recent news cycle.

Description . . .

"Mike Shanin interviews KCMO City Councilman Dan Fowler about the most recent developments in the push for a new KCI. Then Mary O'Halloran, Jason Grill, Danedri Herbert and Patrick Tuohey discuss the debate over the financing mechanism and public support for a single terminal KCI, education funding in Kansas as legislators await Supreme Court approval and the decline of civil discourse in politics."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Fowler has an opponent. You can tell his is not confident about having to defend hi ideas. He is one of the worst spokesman for the new airport.

Anonymous said...

Civil discourse?

Do they mean the new wave of liberal violence. That's what they're really talking about.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for any liberal violence in this day & age with a fucking stooge in the White House. You imbicil's ain't seen shit yet,not shit.

Anonymous said...

Some of us here who actually care about this country have to stand up. We have to stand up. It won't be long before no media is allowed in his mock press conferences. It won't be long before there are no press conferences. And I'd like to kick that bull Dyke Huckabee right in her fucking snatch, just to get things going. Oh ,there will be violence. Count on it

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Keyboard warriors. Very tough indeed.

Anonymous said...

Save KCI!

Vote no!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fowler is being disingenuous when stating that he hasn't made up his mind about financing for a single-terminal airport.

He's was, and remains fully on-board with the original Burns and McDonnell exclusive deal which was only thwarted when the truth emerged. Mr. Fowler was at the KCI media announcement when Mayor James and BMc CEO Kowalik initially presented their scheme to the sheeple. Fowler was standing right behind James and Justus, as they danced and high-fived each other. The majority of the Council had not been informed of the rushed announcement, and only learned about it later.

Fowler follows his orders from Mayor James.
Danedri Herbert -- intelligent thinker capable of separating facts from fiction.
Jason Grill -- itinerant drifter, failed attorney, narcissist who has dedicated himself to getting by in life by schmoozing and leeching off others.
Mary O'Halloran -- a one-time nun who left God's service to chase after the Devil's gambit of politics.
Patrick Tuohey -- one of KC's brightest and most articulate thinkers. He should challenge Claire McCaskill.

Anonymous said...

Dan Fowler is the only one of the freshman council members whose word can be trusted. He says what he thinks and his vote isn't devised to gain votes or donations. He weighs the facts and does what he thinks is best. He has studied the airport question and made the decision, rightly so, that we need a new single terminal facility. He's a straight shooter and those are rare on this council.