Wednesday, June 07, 2017


Follow-up on today's conversation with more deets and a realization that there aren't a lot of new ideas out there when it comes to preventing crime. Take a look:

City leaders approve curfew for KC parks and trails

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Nothing good happens after midnight. Several speakers used those words during Wednesday's Kansas City Council committee meeting at City Hall, as city leaders approve a curfew at public parks and trails. The ordinance and amendment passed the committee with a unanimous vote, and will be voted on by the full council on Thursday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

A step in the right direction. Notice to all murderers: you will only be allowed to murder here during certain hours.

Anonymous said...

Who is that crazy man?

Anonymous said...

A very decisive move indeed. We mean business. What a fucking joke!

Anonymous said...

It was unanimous, how the fuck about that?

Anonymous said...

that ought to scare the gunman away by golly

Anonymous said...

Best solution if you are stupid enough to hit the trails of KILLA CITY - LOCK AND LOAD ¡ Not just any gun , but AR least a .40 cal handgun or a 357 revolver , extra clips and ammo should be hollow points ¡! Be sure to take a class on how to defend yourself and your family against the thugs , as well as the legal ramifications of dropping some GROIDS who are interested in killing you ¡!

Disestablishmentarian KC said...

So it's cool to let whielse trash kill you and rob you? That logic is ridiculous

Anonymous said...

Are you a liberal faggot?

Anonymous said...

I really doupt that 10:54 is a LIBERAL Democrat Snowflake faggot .

Anonymous said...

The plan is stupid. The plan won't work. More shootings tonight.

What a shame KC!

Anonymous said...

Let's regulate law abiding old white men.
They are just way too scary.
Getting them off the street and making them stay home will work.
That will cut the crime rate.

When Kathy Griffith told us how fearsome those old, white, guys are, I just simply believed it. I have told my grandchildren to watch out for them, but somehow they just don't see their grandpas as very scary.

What is wrong with my life and family? The kids are afraid of young black men and accept old white men as OK. How did we come to this?

KC Reader said...

^^^ +1

This plan from City Council is a bad joke. Aimed at the wrong people and not effective for ANYONE.

Good comment @1:01!

Anonymous said...


From the media here locally and in the U.S. nationally - (crickets).

There have been a dozen Black on White hate crimes here in Kansas City over the last 2 years. The 29ht largest city in the US.

Nationally? thousands go unreported as hate crimes and fall into the category of "wrong place, wrong time" bullshit lies that the MSM wants you to believe.

Anonymous said...

Curfews - Curfews

I'm imposing a NEW CURFEW as well

The CURFEW affects KCMO City Hall !!!

The is to be NO Persons on the premisis at KCMO City Hall between the hours of 7am to 7pm

Now Imagine how much better off this city and citizens will be, without all those Degenerate Liberal Bastards taking up precious Oxygen at that property !!

Don't get caught VIOLATING the Curfew !!!

Anonymous said...

You people just don't get it. We have finally found a solution to the crime problem in KC. Simply don't go anywhere in KC. The program has worked for me for years now. My disposable income is up, frustration is down and boon exposure has been significantly reduced.