Monday, June 12, 2017

Kansas City New Airport Takeoff Crash Lands

With years of planning and discussion . . . Hapless local leadership sabotaged themselves with their no-bid scheming and a sloppy effort to restart talks that has crashed and burned in local civic circles. Take a look:

Ready-Fire-Aim Approach Yields Predictable Results at KCI

The rush to build something-anything-at Kansas City International Airport is calling into question the ability and even the seriousness of Kansas City leadership. Consider a recent story in The Kansas City Star , which states that Burns & McDonnell would be given "the opportunity to equal other proposals if it chooses, since it brought the idea to a municipality to begin with."


Anonymous said...

Someone is being paid to do telephone surveys about the airport expansion. The way the questions were asked it seems to be Burns&Mac paid for this to have it go in their favor. Of course, I did the survey and answered no to every single question about expanding the airport no matter who does it or who pays for it.

Anonymous said...

KCMO leadership is not serious and not smart.

If the outside counsel act in good faith, they'll send the process back to square one.

Anonymous said...

Long live Pendergast.

Anonymous said...

I was one they called I had nothing good to say about the proposal to modernize KCI I like the setup we currently have when asked about the mayor's actions on this proposal I strongly disagreed at this point the phone perp states.. aren't you a registered Jackson county Democrat voter I said yes but this is just wrong the phone call them suddenly ended so yes the caller info gathered is truly one sided..

Anonymous said...

All of jerkoff Jackson county is is one sided. That's why the dumbfucks voted for bullhorn James twice. Now they wish they hadn't. To late. Kcmo is going to be fucked up for years to come. When James is gone it will take 20years to get shit straightened out, if even then.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm gonna BID on being able to BUILD a New Airport too !!!

Now, I've only built things outta popsicle sticks, BUT, I think I too can build a decent Airport economically

I just need everybody to start saving their popsicle sticks so Construction can begin , ohhh and i'll need some glue too !

We can call it, the International Stick Airport , located in Hickville' USA !!!