Friday, June 30, 2017

Kansas City Mugshot Collection

While our blog is ore interested in contemplation of Paris Hilton's proclivities when she was behind bars, here's a quick and diverse of recent arrests that made the news for one reason or another.

Take a peek at the allegations and just a bit of snark along with the reminder that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty:

Suspect Spotted In Several Alleged Crimes

Police arrest man in Merriam suspected of breaking into multiple cars, taking valuables

MERRIAM, Kan. -- Taylor Duncan's morning got off to a rough start after she said someone broke into her car on Tuesday night. "I woke up and was walking out to my car and I noticed that the gas cap was undone and when I unlocked the car I looked in and there was a huge mess," Duncan said.

Allegedly Bad Hombre On Blast

Man charged with firing gunshot into Overland Park home

A man has been charged in connection to a drive-by shooting that happened in May in Overland Park. Andrew Esparaza, 24, is accused of firing shots into an Overland Park home in the 9100 block of ...

Dreading More Alleged JoCo Adult Teen Gun Store Crime Stories

KCK teen charged with breaking into Olathe gun shop

A teen from Kansas City, KS has been charged with breaking into a local gun shop and stealing guns. Tyreese Johnson, 17, was charged Thursday with breaking into the Olathe Gun Shop, located on the 700 block of S. Rogers Road. The break-in happened on Jan. 17.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Amen to that brother!

Anonymous said...

Guilty hang them all

Anonymous said...

Hood rats from Missouri need to understand that Jean Petersucker Baker can't give them probation for crimes they committed in Joco. Tyreese is going to prison.

Anonymous said...

Send them to us out in Larned, we need some.

Anonymous said...

Don't they realize how dumb & stupid they all look with the new Dreadlock hair styles !!!!

All of em' look like criminals and the majority are criminals of the democratic liberal party of nutjobs & fruitcakes !!!