Friday, June 09, 2017

Kansas City Moving Toward Troost?!?!?

Political will and speculator hype doesn't equal reality as this report with good intentions misrepresents the urban core and mistakenly believes that hipsters can solve the problem. Take a look:

Millennials, black and white, seek neighbors for new community east of Troost

Dan Edwards is the nervous one. He's the 30-year-old who owns 38 brush-swarmed vacant lots in Kansas City's Wendell Phillips Neighborhood on the East Side, talking about big plans he knows some residents will fear, doubt or even attack.


Anonymous said...

Bungle in the jungle!

Anonymous said...

His lots are infested with malaria and ebola.

Anonymous said...

They will lose their ass. I would bet they are using govt. loans and grants. No one will make any real money. The subs won't be paid. Bad debts will be left behind. The criminals will strip the new houses of anything valuable every night. There will be no money for security. They won't be able to qualify more than 1% of buyers. This will die a fast ugly death. You won't read about it in the Star or KCUR.