Thursday, June 08, 2017

Kansas City Homicide #60 For 2017 So Far Raises Alarm For Residents And Leaders

Halfway through the year the homicide count is mounting at a record pace. Here's the reaction . . .

Latest string of Kansas City murders part of troubling trend

Kansas City's homicide rate is on the rise. Police were concerned about the murder rate last year, but this year, the rate is on pace to be even worse. The latest string of murders is part of a troubling trend. At this time last year, the homicide rate was only 45, and 2016 was considered a tough year.


Anonymous said...

OK, BUT,,,,,,,

Were still NOT at the Threshold yet, the goal is for 500 min.

Also Sly James needs more of those Illusionary "Anti-Crime" Groups and needs to funnel Hundreds of Millions of TAX PAYER Dollars to those Fantasy Anti-Crime Groups so they can effectively Police this city from

Bora Bora

Just Imagine how SAFE Citizens will be with all those Anti-Crime Groups policing this city from their sun soaked beaches thousands of miles away ,,,,,,,,,,,,

I know i'll feel lots safer , how about you ???????

Comment Below please !!!

Anonymous said...

60 deaths already this year and Sly just worries about his airport.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump must honor his promise to end the carnage. The republican administration owns this increase in violence in our cities. When are thy going to do something?

Anonymous said...

8:08 Your comment is so ignorant I'm embarrassed for you.

Donald Trump does not run the cities, Sly James and the city officials are appointed to run their cities.

You accuse Republicans of the increase in violence in our cities? Who tore up Portland, Berkeley, and Evergreen college in Washington among other cities because you didn't win.

Donald Trump has had to fight you liberals from day one. The fighting comes from YOU.

Sly James and the city council have reduced the police on the streets and you are going to blame Trump?

And if you are a black person don't forget it was a Republican who freed your people! How is that for carnage!

Anonymous said...

^^^HAHAHA. ..It never fails, say one word about ol' Pumpkin Head and the butt-hurting begins INSTANLY!
Pure D Comedy Gold. LMFAO!!

Anonymous said...

This isn't a racial issue, it's a police and society thing. Its society not providing economic opportunities for black people, good enough living conditions or educational opportunities

JimBrodi said...


Absolutely. Kc needs more jobs and more opportunities. Not just hype.

Anonymous said...

Get your kicks when it hits 136

Anonymous said...

9:49 the economy has improved to the point where there are shortages of many decent paying jobs - carpenters, skilled construction trades, truck drivers and others. The problem is too many blacks (and whites) live is such a bad culture that they either aren't eligible, refuse to do the work or just plain don't understand how to get and keep a job. And the thug culture will never accept jobs, marriage and taking responsibility for children.

The sad part is all the black leaders would rather lobby for tax dollars than give young people straight talk.

Anonymous said...

FACTS that are all to often ignored or purposely left out !!!

Minorties are often the majority who vote for "Socialist & Communist" Politicians, because they are lied to by those types of politicians from the start.

Minorties are not that well educated to begin with, thanks largely to those "Socialist / Communist Politicians and educators" "purposely" feeding them so much bullshit to keep them confused and Dumbed Down !

Prime Example is the KCMO Public Schools the last several decades, for those that know and remember all the turmoil and constant fiasco !

Another example is look at all the High Crime & Murder rates and High Taxes in all those LIBERAL Cities across the US, the last 7 to 8 years under Communist / Socialist O'bama and his Commie Liberal Party !!!

Kansas City, Missouri





Los Angeles


New York City

Saint Louis, Mo.

Phoenix, Arizona

Portland Oregon

Seattle Washington

San Francisco, Ca.

All run by pathetic Degenerate Liberals who belong to the Communist / Socialist TERRORIST Party ,,,,

NOT an opinion but a FACT !!!

Anonymous said...

8:08 / 9:09 is the OCD-crazed idiot that's been making this exact same comment 10 times a day for the past week.

Anonymous said...

12:16 is wrong,absolutely incorrect.I know for a fact.

I love how people here at tkc make assumptions,all the time,and just be so sure of themselves. When in fact,I'd bet that over half of the time,its just not true.

Byron does this all the time and rightfully catches hell for it.problem is those same people scolding, they turn around and do the exact same thing....Assume shit as fact.

Anonymous said...

8:45. Couldn't agree with you more.

Anonymous said...

12:16--Good try, B. Funky, but your intentional misspellings, improper punctuation, and grammar goofups isn't convincing. Your trademarked trash-talking on the POTUS is totally detectable. Hilly and you gotta be over with the rants about that defeat by now.

Anonymous said...

KCPD says the city is safe.
It's business as usual at KCPD.

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding! You can't pass a store, restaurant, etc. that doesn't have a help wanted sign in the window. But even though a great many aren't HS grads, then they're gonna bitch that it's too entry-level and doesn't pay enough. And why work at an entry-level job when you can get on the government dole and perpetuate the cycle. This applies to black trash and white trash, there's plenty of both around.

Anonymous said...

2:48 - assume you were referring to 12:29, not 12:16. 12:29 is the one with the grammar errors that was defending Byron.

Anonymous said...

Too bad it's not 600